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[1]陈 刚,瞿 欢,崔 云,等.轴向及内压复合作用下Zr-Sn-Nb/Zr-Nb 合金的多轴棘轮效应研究[J].天津大学学报(自然科学与工程技术版),2020,53(02):162-168.[doi:10.11784/tdxbz201903043]
 Chen Gang,Qu Huan,Cui Yun,et al.A Study on Multiaxial Ratcheting Behavior of Zr-Sn-Nb/Zr-Nb Alloys Under a Combined Axial Load and Internal Pressure[J].Journal of Tianjin University(Science and Technology),2020,53(02):162-168.[doi:10.11784/tdxbz201903043]

轴向及内压复合作用下Zr-Sn-Nb/Zr-Nb 合金的多轴棘轮效应研究


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