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 Guo Jintang,Xue Xuexue,Dai Mingxue,et al.Preparation and Performance Analysis of a New High-Efficiency Antibacterial Hard Surface Detergent[J].Journal of Tianjin University,2018,(01):34-40.[doi:10.11784/tdxbz201702048]





Preparation and Performance Analysis of a New High-Efficiency Antibacterial Hard Surface Detergent
郭锦棠 薛雪雪 代明雪 郁培云
天津大学化工学院,天津 300350
Guo Jintang Xue Xuexue Dai Mingxue Yu Peiyun
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300350, China
抗菌硬表面洗涤剂 三氯生 表面活性剂 去污力 抗菌 稳定性
antibacterial hard surface detergent triclosan surfactants detergency performance antibacteria stability
针对目前液体洗涤剂功能单一的问题, 研究设计了一种高效抗菌硬表面洗涤剂, 该洗涤剂兼具抗菌和硬表面洗涤的双重效果.经去油率实验结果表明:脂肪醇聚氧乙烯醚硫酸钠(AES)、直链烷基苯磺酸钠(LAS)和椰子油脂肪酸二乙醇酰胺(6501)质量比为7∶3∶1, 总活性物质量分数为22%时, 去污力可达到79.6% .采用悬液定量杀菌实验和持续抑菌实验对含三氯生0.5% (质量分数)的抗菌硬表面洗涤剂进行抗菌测试.抗菌结果表明, 洗涤剂样品原液对大肠杆菌的杀灭率为98.08% , 对金黄色葡萄球菌的杀灭率为96.90% , 与同类产品中的其他杀菌成分相比, 用量少, 杀菌效果好, 原液50倍稀释后持续杀灭率分别为63.74% 和83.23% .储存稳定性实验结果表明, 抗菌硬表面洗涤剂的有效期为1年.
With regard to the monofunction of detergent,a high-efficiency antibacterial hard surface detergent was designed which presents hard surface washing and antibacterial effects. The deoiling rate of the detergent could reach 79.6% when the mass ratio of alkyl ethoxy ether sulfate(AES),sodium n-alkyl benzene sulfonate(LAS) and cocoanut fatty acid diethanolamide(6501) is 7∶3∶1 with 22% (mass fraction)of the total surfactant content. Antibacterial activities of the detergents were demonstrated by suspension quantitative germicidal test and continuous bacterial inactivation tests. The test bacteria were Escherichia coli(E. coli)and Staphylococcus aureus(S. aureus). Results show that when 0.5% (mass fraction)triclosan is added,the bacterial inactivation rates reach 98.08% and 96.90% and the continuous bacterial inactivation rates of detergent after being diluted 50 times are 63.74% and 83.23% . Compared with other germicides in similar products,this detergent has much higher efficiency with minor dosage of triclosan at removing and/or killing bacteria on the hard surface. The results of storage stability test show that the sample would be valid for one year.


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