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1  Calculation Method of Interfacial Friction Coefficient
Based on Kelvin Oscillator

2014年07 [565-569][Abstract](881)[pdf 591KB](359)
2  Simulation and Optimization of Simulated Moving Bed
for the Separation of p-Xylene

 张东辉1, 2 ,沈圆辉 1, 2 ,吴丽梅 3 ,孙伟娜 1, 2 ,周 言 1, 2
2016年03 [279-286][Abstract](293)[pdf 897KB](284)
3  Water Eutrophication Model of Bohai Bay Based on Bayesian Networks
袁德奎1 ,姚鹏辉 1 ,徐晓甫 1, 2 ,聂红涛 3
2016年03 [320-325][Abstract](402)[pdf 546KB](286)
4  Theoretical and Experimental Study on a High Temperature
Heat Pump Refrigerant

 张于峰1, 2 ,孔令腾 1 ,于晓慧 1 ,张 彦 1 ,高 岩1
2016年03 [314-319][Abstract](360)[pdf 609KB](277)
5  Simulation and Analysis on Gas Flow Distribution in Radial
Flow Air Adsorber

 唐忠利1, 2 ,徐明杨 1, 2 ,张 俊 1, 2
2016年03 [305-313][Abstract](328)[pdf 766KB](288)
6  Methane Hydrate Formation and Storage Capacity in Micro-Emulsion
 李永红1, 2, 3 ,周文涛 1, 3 ,陈英楠 1 ,李鑫钢 2, 3 ,陈 超 2
2016年03 [267-272][Abstract](378)[pdf 558KB](274)
7  Preparation and Performance of New Fluid Loss Additive
HTF-210C for Oil Well Cementing

 郭锦棠1 ,邹 双 1 ,喻文娟 1 ,刘硕琼 2 ,靳建洲 2 ,于永金2
2016年03 [261-266][Abstract](399)[pdf 450KB](269)
8  Photoelectrochemical Properties of Heterojunction TiO 2 /SrTiO 3
Nanotube Arrays with Exposed TiO 2 Highly Reactive Facet

 谭 欣1, 2 ,胡文丽 1 ,于 涛 3 ,黄娟茹 1
2016年03 [253-260][Abstract](305)[pdf 825KB](339)
9  Experimental Study on In-Situ Nanometric Cutting Based on SEM
 刘 冰1, 2,徐宗伟2,房丰洲1, 2,赵 兵2
2015年11 [1035-1040][Abstract](575)[pdf 1034KB](190)
10  Investigation of the Surface Structure of Solution Using Neutral
Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy

 王创业1,薄守石2,阚爱婷2,刘 振2,刘俊吉3
2015年11 [1030-1034][Abstract](518)[pdf 551KB](369)
11  Experiment on Angle of Repose and Angle of Surface Friction
of Cohesionless Sediment

 孟 震1,王 浩1,杨文俊2
2015年11 [1014-1022][Abstract](590)[pdf 1243KB](205)
12  Denting Mechanism of Deepwater Pipeline
 余建星1, 2,李 骁1, 2,徐立新1,李 妍1, 2,卢贺帅1, 2,陈柏全1, 2,王亚琼1, 2
2015年11 [1009-1013][Abstract](668)[pdf 890KB](376)
13  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Rectangular Moonpool of
Drilling Unit Under Horizontal Excitation

 黄 磊1,刘利琴1,唐友刚1,张永恒1,郭东杰2
2015年11 [1001-1008][Abstract](560)[pdf 1035KB](202)
14  Characteristics of Secondary Consolidation Considering
the Structure of Artificial Soil

 雷华阳1, 2,仇王维1,丁小冬1,李 宾1
2015年11 [995-1000][Abstract](504)[pdf 707KB](335)
15  Effects of Eccentric Chamfers on Intake Performance
of Double Tangent Intake Ports

 徐玉梁1, 2,廖方楼1,祖炳锋1, 2,李德胜2,丛玉堃2
2015年11 [974-980][Abstract](500)[pdf 1320KB](321)
16  Calculation of Full-Spectrum Interior Noise of High-Speed Train
with SAEF Method

 毛 杰1,郑 旭1,郝志勇1,孙 强2,马晓龙2
2015年11 [960-968][Abstract](635)[pdf 1921KB](208)
17 Feature Extraction of Emotional Speech Based on Chaotic Characteristics
孙 颖1,姚 慧1,张雪英1,张奇萍1, 2
2015年08 [681-685][Abstract](520)[pdf 392KB](336)
18  Effects of Implicit Prosody and Contexts on Ambiguity Structure Processing:Evidence from Eye Movements
 于 秒1, 2,闫国利1
2015年08 [686-691][Abstract](458)[pdf 320KB](355)
19  Modified-Prior PLDA Based Speaker Recognition System
 李 琳1,万丽虹1,洪青阳1,张 君1,李 明2
2015年08 [692-696][Abstract](565)[pdf 486KB](335)
20 A Speech Enhancement Algorithm Based on Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
张卫强1,郭 璁1,张 乔1,康 健1,何 亮1,刘 加1,Johnson Michael T 1, 2
2015年08 [663-669][Abstract](560)[pdf 648KB](419)
21  Cryogenic Fracture Toughness of 2219 Aluminum
Alloy VPTIG Welded Joint

 林一桐1, 2,王东坡1, 2,王 颖1, 2
2015年05 [468-472][Abstract](722)[pdf 1420KB](311)
22  Adaptive Sliding Friction Compensation Method Based on
Modified LuGre Model

 谭文斌1, 2,李醒飞1,裘祖荣1,向红标3,张晨阳2
2015年05 [463-467][Abstract](770)[pdf 660KB](484)
23  Fundamental Research on Cyclindrical Grating Template
Micromachining with Diamond Cutting Tool

 兀 伟1, 2,陈津平1, 2,徐宗伟1, 2,刘 婷1, 2,曹克雄1, 2,李万里1, 2
2015年05 [455-462][Abstract](803)[pdf 2117KB](309)
24  Numerical Simulation for Flow Around Pile Group Based on FVM
 庄 茜1, 2, 3,李绍武1,祁泽鹏1
2015年05 [445-454][Abstract](787)[pdf 1857KB](352)
25  Bearing Characteristics of Pile-Bucket Composite Foundation
for Offshore Wind Turbine

 刘 润1,李宝仁1, 2,练继建1,丁红岩1
2015年05 [429-437][Abstract](719)[pdf 2003KB](382)
26  Development and Application of Mixed Element Based on
Hellinger-Reissner Variation

 丁 阳1, 2,赖程钢1,李 宁1, 2,李忠献1, 2
2015年05 [422-428][Abstract](779)[pdf 764KB](523)
27  Expression and Biologic Effect of Cyanide Detoxification Genes
β-CAS and NIT in Maize Under the Antibiotic Stress

 季 静1, 2,柳 洁1, 2,王 罡2,杜希龙1, 2,曹海燕1, 2,荣 非2,金 超2
2015年05 [409-414][Abstract](760)[pdf 435KB](484)
28  Cyclic Mechanical Behavior of Rat Skin
 陈 刚1,尤 琳1,李 研2,崔仕博1,陈 旭1
2015年05 [401-408][Abstract](706)[pdf 1519KB](385)
29  Transient Numerical Simulation of the Stop and Restart Process in Fly
Ash-Sodium Hydroxide Slurry Tank

 刘丽艳1,李晨辰1,朱国瑞1,张战军2,孙俊民2,谭 蔚1
2015年05 [388-394][Abstract](711)[pdf 652KB](462)
30  Design and Deformation Monitoring of a Large Deep Foundation
Pit in Soft Soil Area

 陆培毅1, 2,王子征1
2015年02 [185-188][Abstract](749)[pdf 492KB](571)
31  Flood Forecasting Coupled with TIGGE Ensemble
Precipitation Forecasts

 彭 勇1,徐 炜2,王 萍1,油芳芳1
2015年02 [177-184][Abstract](674)[pdf 2057KB](371)
32  Experiment on Seismic Behavior of Flexible Connection
Masonry Infilled Frame Structure

 周晓洁1, 2,李忠献1,续丹丹2,姜绪亮2
2015年02 [155-166][Abstract](912)[pdf 1664KB](636)
33 Evaluating and Optimizing Semantic Web Service Composition
Under QoS Constraints

?王向辉1, 2,冯志勇1
2015年02 [126-138][Abstract](759)[pdf 752KB](534)
34  Subjective and Objective Experimental Study of Cabin Environment
in Different Seasons

2015年02 [103-110][Abstract](857)[pdf 1031KB](399)
35  Pollution Characteristics and Influence Factors of PM2.5 in Summer in
Jixian County of Tianjin

 陈冠益1, 2,张 雯1,侯立安1, 3,杨会军1,颜蓓蓓1,佟 玲1,孙 颖4
2015年02 [95-102][Abstract](1199)[pdf 901KB](570)
36  Stability Behavior of Un-Landing Latticed Steel Tubular Arch
 韩庆华1, 2,芦 燕1,2,徐 杰1, 2
2014年11 [979-986][Abstract](715)[pdf 950KB](422)
37  Optimization on Air Distribution and Energy Consumption
of a Small Data Center

 张 杰1,周 浩1,冯壮波1,孙 超2,金 舟2,龙正伟1
2014年07 [647-652][Abstract](698)[pdf 1158KB](223)
38  Process Optimization and Magnetic Properties of M-Type Barium Ferrite
 荆洪阳1, 2,丁 笑1, 2,李 敏1, 2,韩永典1, 2,徐连勇1, 2
2014年07 [641-646][Abstract](619)[pdf 872KB](422)
39  Controllable Preparation and Characterization of Titanium
Dioxide Nano-Films with Three-Dimensional Structure
on TLM Titanium Alloy Surface

 何 芳1, 2,李立军1, 2,黄 远1, 2,李凤娇1, 2,陈利霞1, 2
2014年07 [635-640][Abstract](690)[pdf 1002KB](273)
40  Performance Tests on Reciprocating Fluid-Switcher Energy
Recovery Device Under Variable Operating Capacities

 徐世昌1,2,路乃元1,2,王 越1,2,宋代旺1,2,刘 辉1,2,王世昌1,2
2014年07 [630-634][Abstract](632)[pdf 649KB](340)
41  Deep Eutectic Solvent for Solid Basic Catalyzed Biodiesel Production
 唐韶坤1,2,黄 伟1,2,田松江1,2,张 祁1,2
2014年07 [625-629][Abstract](827)[pdf 944KB](377)
42  Preparation of Electrodeposited Pb Electrode and Its Application to
Electroreduction of CO2 to Formic Acid

 韩金玉1,2,赵明明1,2,王 华1,2
2014年07 [619-624][Abstract](766)[pdf 1229KB](291)
43  Raising Discharge Water Temperature by Using
Water-Level-Selection with Stoplog Gate

 傅菁菁1, 2,李 嘉1,芮建良2,汤优敏2
2014年07 [589-595][Abstract](787)[pdf 533KB](361)
44  An Analytical Solution of Transverse Velocity in Straight Open
Channel Situated Downstream of a Bend

 周建银1,邵学军1,假冬冬2,杨 研1,秦翠翠1
2014年07 [583-588][Abstract](702)[pdf 611KB](335)
45  Formation of Rivulets on Cable Surface Under Different Wind Speeds
 毕继红1, 2,王 剑3, 4,逯 鹏1,关 健1
2014年07 [577-582][Abstract](896)[pdf 1145KB](286)
46 Experimental Investigation on Tensile Fracture Behavior of Friction Stir Welded T-Joints of 6061-T4 Aluminum Alloy
王忠保1,宋海鹏2,富东慧1,吉建民3,崔 雷4,杨新岐4
2015年08 [728-733][Abstract](527)[pdf 1898KB](194)
47 Robot Trajectory Optimization Algorithm Based on Spatial Offset B-Spline
胡绳荪1, 2,庹宇鲲1, 2,申俊琦1, 2,陈昌亮3,谷 文4,李 坚4
2015年08 [723-727][Abstract](578)[pdf 472KB](385)
48  Failure Mode Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames Under
Earthquake Excitations

 李忠献1,王 虹1,吕 杨2,徐龙河3
2014年04 [364-370][Abstract](1039)[pdf 842KB](527)
49  Mathematical Model for Socioeconomic Development Water
Demand in Ziyahe Watershed

2014年04 [355-363][Abstract](892)[pdf 2212KB](303)
50  Analysis on Chloroform Risk Probability and Impact Factors
for Water Distribution Network

 赵新华1,王熠宁1,周广宇1,王 杨1,张 蕾1,岳金强2
2014年04 [343-348][Abstract](1038)[pdf 594KB](419)
51  Simulation of Co-Gasification of Glycerin and Biomass in Fixed Bed for
Hydrogen Production by Aspen Plus

 陈冠益1, 2,刘宗攀1, 2,赵 晓1, 2,颜蓓蓓1, 2
2014年04 [331-335][Abstract](587)[pdf 574KB](340)
52  Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(ε-Caprolactone)
Copolymers with L-Amino Acid Groups

 冯亚凯1,2,韩 颖1,曹宏飞1
2014年04 [310-314][Abstract](526)[pdf 411KB](218)
53 A Modified Newton-Raphson Absolute Image Reconstruction Algorithm for ERT
肖理庆1, 2
2015年08 [734-741][Abstract](484)[pdf 2054KB](198)
54 A Flaw Classification Method for Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection of CFRP
李 健1,郭 薇1,杨晓霞1,黄玉秋1,詹湘琳2,靳世久1
2015年08 [750-756][Abstract](473)[pdf 760KB](371)
55 Hail Recognition Using Radar Echo Reflectivity Cross Section
路志英1,朱俊秀1,田 硕1,贾惠珍2
2015年08 [742-749][Abstract](573)[pdf 1130KB](183)
56 Pretreatment System of Welding Temperature Field
Based on Secondary Development of ANSYS

 胡绳荪1, 2,蒋秀晔1, 2,申俊琦1, 2,朱丽娜1, 2
2013年11 [1039-1044][Abstract](885)[pdf 998KB](441)
57  Corrosion Resistance and Mechanisms of Fe-Based Metallic Glass
Coating in Molten Lead-Free Solder

 叶福兴1, 2,王付胜1, 2,崔 崇1, 2,陆冠雄1, 2
2013年11 [1034-1038][Abstract](939)[pdf 1278KB](368)
58  Jet Breakup Process Simulation and Experimental Study of
Low-Frequency Ultrasonic Excitation

 何明霞1,夏大祥1,王 康2,杨文建2
2013年11 [1029-1033][Abstract](845)[pdf 721KB](373)
59  Synthesis and Solution Properties of Polyacrylamide
Containing Sulfobetaine Groups

 沙 勇1,黄佳丽1,焦放健1,唐忠利2,申 伟3
2013年11 [1025-1028][Abstract](862)[pdf 410KB](418)
60  Laboratory Synthesis and Performance Research of Low-Temperature
and Salt-Resistant Fluid Loss Additive LTF-1

2013年11 [1019-1024][Abstract](972)[pdf 566KB](551)
61  Bonding Properties Between Reinforcement and Concrete After
Freeze-Thaw Cycles at Extra-Low Temperatures

 谢 剑1, 2,魏 强1,李会杰1
2013年11 [1012-1018][Abstract](815)[pdf 915KB](394)
62 A Practical Simulation Method of Spatially Correlated Earthquake Ground Motions
赵 博1,石永久2, 3,江 洋2, 3,王元清2, 3,陈志华1
2015年08 [717-722][Abstract](505)[pdf 500KB](351)
63 Analysis on Measurement Range and Precision of the Oil Film Thickness
Measurement Sensor Based on Differential Laser Trigonometry

 吴 頔1, 2,吕且妮1, 2,陈 曦3,葛宝臻1, 2
2013年11 [998-1002][Abstract](746)[pdf 489KB](497)
64 Control for Trajectory Tracking of Permanent Magnet Spherical Motor
Based on Computed Torque Method

李洪凤1,宋振辉1,郭 辰2,李 斌1
2013年11 [991-997][Abstract](623)[pdf 786KB](486)
65 Numerical Simulation and Optimum Design of Double-Cone Flowsensor
徐 英1,2,安俊达1,2,龙征海3,高 璐1,2
2013年11 [984-990][Abstract](639)[pdf 956KB](503)
66 Grid-Connected Control Scheme of PV and Battery Generation System
with Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation

李 斌1,范须露1,田小禾1,曾红艳1,刘海涛2,李 洋2
2013年11 [977-983][Abstract](893)[pdf 780KB](511)
67 Accurate Close-Loop Desynchronization Control of Deep Brain Stimulation
王 江1,伊国胜1,边洪瑞2,韩春晓3,李会艳3,魏熙乐1,邓 斌1
2013年11 [969-976][Abstract](781)[pdf 1251KB](457)
68 Simulink-Based Simulations of LNT System of Lean Burn Gasoline Engine
刘 磊1,李志军1,岳东鹏2,张洪洋1,常 庆1,马小强3,林漫群3
2013年11 [963-968][Abstract](1060)[pdf 893KB](496)
69 Analysis on Torsional-Bending Damper for Engine Crankshaft Based on
Torsional Vibration Reduction

舒歌群1,谭琳琳1,卫海桥1,覃 文2,朱天宇1,刘丽娜1,赵文龙1
2013年11 [951-957][Abstract](973)[pdf 880KB](603)
70  Wave Energy Resource Assessment for National Ocean
Energy Testing Field

 白志刚1, 2,魏茂兴1, 2,罗续业3,路 宽3
2013年04 [367-372][Abstract](964)[pdf 719KB](469)
71  Comparison of Design Storm Method and Formula
Revision for Tianjin City

 黄津辉1,向文艳1,户 超2,范泽华1,郭 军3
2013年04 [354-360][Abstract](556)[pdf 858KB](310)
72  A Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Sea Ice
Evolution in the Bohai Sea

 张庆河1,张 娜1, 2
2013年04 [333-341][Abstract](1216)[pdf 1229KB](510)
73  Simulation for Construction Ventilation Two-Phase Flow in Diversion
Tunnel Considering Heat Exchange

 王晓玲1,刘 震1,杨安林2,张爱丽1
2013年04 [322-327][Abstract](982)[pdf 1160KB](401)
74  Analysis of the Stability and Collapse Mechanism of Non-Prop
and Multi-Stage Retaining Structure

 郑 刚1, 2,程雪松1, 2,刁 钰1, 2
2013年04 [304-314][Abstract](1096)[pdf 1315KB](427)
75  High-Reactive Heterostructure TiO2/SrTiO3 Nanotube Arrays and
Its Photoelectrocatalytic Performance

 谭 欣1,2,石 婷1,于 涛3,黄娟茹1,胡文丽1
2014年11 [955-961][Abstract](809)[pdf 1305KB](363)
76  Complex Influence Coefficients Based Calibration Algorithm of
Tire Dynamic Balance Testing Machine

2013年06 [565-570][Abstract](713)[pdf 1038KB](392)
77 Natural Vibration Characteristics of Prestressed Steel Structures
尹越1,2, 冯涛1, 郑力1
2017年增刊 [169-174][Abstract](35)[pdf 524KB](35)
78 Solar Radiation Characteristics of Commonly-Used Glass on Building Roof
高喜峰1,2, 张旭鹏1,2, 周婷3, 刘红波1,2
2017年增刊 [162-168][Abstract](38)[pdf 1414KB](32)
79 Distribution of Wind Pressure on the Complex Roof of the Long- Span Suspend Dome
于敬海1,2, 蒋智宇2, 韩凤清3, 李路川1, 闫翔宇1,2
2017年增刊 [155-161][Abstract](34)[pdf 1828KB](50)
80 Analysis on Temperature Action of Super Long Terminal Structure
牟在根1, 杨雨青1, 李夏1, 范重2
2017年增刊 [147-154][Abstract](35)[pdf 1631KB](41)
81 Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Stainless Steel End-Plate Connections with Different Types of Bolts
王元清1, 赵义鹏2, 徐春一2, 张天雄3, 蒋庆林4
2017年增刊 [140-146][Abstract](44)[pdf 1639KB](39)
82 Parametric Analysis of PHC Pipe Piles in Pressurized Situations Based on ABAQUS
张锡治1,2, 牛四欣3, 章少华3
2017年增刊 [123-130][Abstract](36)[pdf 2144KB](40)
83 Experimental Study on the Overall Buckling Behavior of TU1 Oxygen Free Copper Tubular Columns Under Axial Compression
张天雄1, 王元清2, 王综轶3, 衡月昆4
2017年增刊 [115-122][Abstract](37)[pdf 1580KB](40)
84 FEM Research on Human-Induced Vibration of Cable-Supported Ribbed Beam Composite Floor
乔文涛1, 安琦2, 杨洋3
2017年增刊 [109-114][Abstract](38)[pdf 1029KB](37)
85 Seismic Fragility Analysis of Tubular T-Joint in Steel Tube Truss Structure
韩庆华1,2, 吴凡1, 芦燕1,2
2017年增刊 [101-108][Abstract](33)[pdf 1066KB](38)
86 State-of-the-Art of Research on the Stiffness of Welded Hollow Spherical Joints in Spatial Grid Structure
闫翔宇1,2, 齐国材2, 马青2
2017年增刊 [84-94][Abstract](42)[pdf 1549KB](35)
87 Experimental Investigation on Lateral Resistance Performance of Light Timber-Steel Hybrid Shear Wall
刘洋1, 陈志华1, 安琦2, 曹宝珠3
2017年增刊 [78-83][Abstract](45)[pdf 1887KB](34)
88 Dynamic Performance of High Full Hall Formwork Support Under Horizontal Impact Load
陆征然1, 郭超2, 李帼昌2, 曹硕1, 李重阳1
2017年增刊 [68-77][Abstract](37)[pdf 3075KB](34)
89 Energy Dissipation Performance of Local Steel Strength Weakened Buckling-Restrained Brace
陈志华1,2, 黄培华2, 余玉洁2
2017年增刊 [59-67][Abstract](49)[pdf 3058KB](49)
90 Detection and Estimate of Mechanical Performance of Lifting Frame in Service
王小盾1,2, 黄丙宁2, 周婷1,2
2017年增刊 [53-58][Abstract](48)[pdf 1466KB](39)
91 Simplified Analytical Models of Steel Plate Shear Walls
赵秋红1,2, 郝博超1, 李楠1
2017年增刊 [42-52][Abstract](66)[pdf 1381KB](59)
92 Initial Rotation Stiffness of Cast Steel Joints for H-Shaped Beam to Square Tube Column
李心霞1, 韩庆华1,2, 刘铭劼1
2017年增刊 [27-35][Abstract](33)[pdf 1602KB](32)
93 Nondestructive Testing Method of Spatial Structure Material Strength After Fire
刘红波1,2, 杨德鹏2, 王小盾1,2
2017年增刊 [18-26][Abstract](34)[pdf 1056KB](38)
94 带压制锚具的高钒镀层拉索火灾后的力学性能
Lu Jie1,2, Liu Hongbo1,2, Liu Jiadi2
2017年增刊 [7-17][Abstract](32)[pdf 1980KB](41)
95 Impact Analysis of Deep Foundation Pit Excavation Under Different Bracing System
陈昆1,2, 闫澍旺1, 张智2, 李雅楠2
2017年增刊 [1-6][Abstract](38)[pdf 1686KB](47)
96 Semantic Web Service Composition Considering IOPE Matching
王向辉1,2, 冯志勇1
2017年09 [984-996][Abstract](114)[pdf 685KB](113)
97 A UAV Human Robot Interaction Method Based on Deep Learning
侯永宏1, 叶秀峰1, 张亮2,3, 李照洋1, 董嘉蓉1
2017年09 [967-974][Abstract](250)[pdf 1232KB](148)
98 Influence of Steel Fibre on Dynamic Compressive Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete
仵鹏涛1, 刘中宪2, 吴成清2, 张海3, 徐慎春1, 苏宇2
2017年09 [939-945][Abstract](192)[pdf 2199KB](116)
99 Fire Resistance Experiment on SCFRT Column Insulated with ALC Board
赵炳震1, 陈志华1,2, 郑培壮3, 褚万昌4, 雷志勇1, 杨向东3
2017年09 [931-938][Abstract](330)[pdf 1642KB](166)
100 Dynamic Increase Factor of Asphalt Concrete Under Middle to High Strain Rates
吴俊1,2, 杜修力1, 李亮1
2017年09 [921-930][Abstract](235)[pdf 1627KB](114)
101 Effects of Air Pressure on Stability of Integrated Transportation and Installation Vessel for Offshore Wind Turbine
丁红岩1,2,3, 韩彦青3, 张浦阳1,2,3, 霍思逊3
2017年09 [915-920][Abstract](254)[pdf 741KB](140)
102 Forecasting Mathematical Model of Regional Debris Flow Based on AHP
李大鸣1, 刘训平1, 段丽瑶2, 李培彦2, 熊明明2
2017年09 [900-906][Abstract](151)[pdf 7919KB](368)
103 Analysis of Penetration Test of Composite Bucket Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines in Silty Clay
丁红岩1,2,3, 贾楠3, 张浦阳1,2,3, 刘永刚3
2017年09 [893-899][Abstract](472)[pdf 1882KB](203)
104 Close-Loop Stability Control Strategy on Structural Temperature of Electric Spindle Unit Based on BP-PID
张艺凡1, 王萍1, 高卫国2, 刘腾2,3, 郭悟斌2, 张大卫2
2017年08 [885-891][Abstract](147)[pdf 1657KB](119)
105 Detection of SRAM mSEL in Onboard Computers of Satellite
刘沛龙1,2,3, 常亮2, 陈宏宇2, 谭竹慧1,2,3
2017年08 [856-861][Abstract](116)[pdf 920KB](117)
106 A Low Power SAR ADC Design Based on Segmented Capacitor
安胜彪1,2, 张琳2, 王保柱2, 王书海2, 杨瑞霞1
2017年08 [850-855][Abstract](126)[pdf 901KB](128)
107 Experiment on Seismic Behavior of Shear Wall Structures with Precast Exterior Cladding Panels
谢剑1,2, 朱元吉1, 严加宝1,2
2017年08 [806-812][Abstract](175)[pdf 771KB](151)
108 Surface Settlement Caused by Borehole Group Effect of CFG Piles in Soft Soil
郑刚1,2, 王凡俊2, 孙宏宾2, 程雪松1,2, 雷华阳1,2, 张涛2
2017年08 [796-805][Abstract](144)[pdf 1246KB](131)
109 Methods for Summer Outdoor Design Temperatures of Air-Conditioning Based on Generalized Pareto Distribution
田吉吉1, 李佳庆1, 郑爽2, 韩文轩1, 李明财3
2017年07 [773-779][Abstract](59)[pdf 713KB](66)
110 A Cutting Force Detection Method Based on SEM Online Nanometric Cutting
徐宗伟1, 刘立芳1, 贾瑞丽2, 国晨1
2017年07 [767-772][Abstract](65)[pdf 1737KB](37)
111 Reconfiguration and Modeling Method of REVO Five-Axis Measurement System
张海涛1,2, 刘书桂1, 李杏华1, 苏智琨1
2017年07 [753-757][Abstract](60)[pdf 717KB](54)
112 Measurement of Temperature Field of Liquid Film Based on Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence
薛婷1,2, 赵世杰1,2, 张尚臻1,2
2017年07 [748-752][Abstract](64)[pdf 874KB](68)
113 Characteristic of Flow Structures and Bed Shear Stress with Near-Critical Curvature Ratio in a Bend Flume
高术仙1, 徐海珏1,2, 白玉川1,2
2017年07 [717-724][Abstract](61)[pdf 3768KB](59)
114 Flood Vulnerability Assessment of Rural Areas in the Wanquan River Downstream of the Jiaji Dam
练继建1, 宋文峰1, 徐奎1, 黄锦林2, 郭鑫宇1
2017年07 [703-709][Abstract](51)[pdf 2418KB](59)
115 Integrated Experiment on Engine Bench Fueled with M60 Methanol-Gasoline
杨礼河1,2, 刘向波1, 孙玉德2
2017年07 [696-702][Abstract](67)[pdf 971KB](60)
116 Experiment on Droplets Size Distribution of the Cylindrical Power-Law Liquid Jet Under High Ambient Pressure
杜青1, 杨子明1, 白富强1,2, 王玉龙1, 郑勒1
2017年07 [689-695][Abstract](57)[pdf 771KB](57)
117 Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Friction Hydro-Pillar Processing for D36 High-Strength Steel
徐雅晨1,2, 荆洪阳1,2, 韩永典1,2, 徐连勇1,2
2017年07 [676-681][Abstract](58)[pdf 1425KB](66)
118 Measurement Method and Device for Transient Thermal Impedance of High Power IGBT Module
陆国权1,2, 李洁1, 梅云辉1, 李欣1, 王磊3
2017年07 [669-675][Abstract](91)[pdf 1090KB](71)
119 Delivery Support Network Model Building Based on Complex Network
何松柏1,2, 康凯1, 刘亚东2, 陈琪2
2017年06 [661-667][Abstract](2135)[pdf 1281KB](280)
120 Image Classification Approach of Bag of Visual Words Model Based on Hadoop
侯春萍1, 张倩楠1, 王宝亮2, 常鹏2, 孙韶伟2
2017年06 [643-648][Abstract](331)[pdf 623KB](377)
121 Vortex-Induced Vibrations of an Inclined Flexible Straked Cylinder
徐万海1, 栾英森1, 李志彪2, 及春宁1
2017年06 [637-642][Abstract](287)[pdf 758KB](271)
122 Excavation-Induced Relaxation Effects and Evolution of Hydraulic Conductivity in Surrounding Rocks of Large-Scale Underground Caverns
郑华康1,2, 胡超1,3, 尚钦2, 刘明明1, 陈益峰1
2017年06 [624-636][Abstract](253)[pdf 1667KB](602)
123 Numerical Simulation of Fiber Motion in the Process of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Casting
毕继红1,2, 徐达1, 鲍春1, 关健1
2017年06 [618-623][Abstract](250)[pdf 1294KB](292)
124 Sensitive Analysis and Anti-Progressive Collapse Performance of Square Pyramid Space Grids
韩庆华1,2, 张学哲1, 徐颖1,3
2017年06 [610-617][Abstract](258)[pdf 1776KB](282)
125 Experiment on Seismic Behavior of Steel Reinforced Concrete-Filled Precast Concrete Tubular Column
丁红岩1,2, 张晓波1, 杜闯1,3, 张浦阳1,2
2017年06 [602-609][Abstract](280)[pdf 1059KB](296)
126 Kinematics Analysis of Mechanism for Lunar Soil Sampling Test Verification
谢志江1, 郭宗环1, 宋代平1, 姚猛2
2017年06 [586-592][Abstract](1990)[pdf 1128KB](246)
127 Parametric Vibration of Rotational Ring-Shaped Periodic Structures
王世宇1,2, 孙文嘉1, 夏营1, 修杰3
2017年06 [572-578][Abstract](294)[pdf 948KB](321)
128 An Ultrasound Image Hybrid Registration Method for Prostate Surgery Robot System
郑勇男1, 梁红花1, 杨志永1, 刘盛1, 王伟2
2017年06 [557-562][Abstract](519)[pdf 1849KB](585)
129 Anisotropic Elastic Properties of 2D Black Phosphorus Crystal Using Finite Element Method
陶金1, 姚琲2, 孙崇玲1, 庞慰1
2017年05 [545-550][Abstract](169)[pdf 1332KB](182)
130 Process Optimization of Ultrasonic Metal Welding Parameters for Al/Ti Joints
赵玉津1, 张慧敏1, 罗震1,2, 冯梦楠1, 解龑1
2017年05 [540-544][Abstract](199)[pdf 726KB](205)
131 A Method for Compensating the z Motion Parallelism Error of CMM
武太文1, 高国防1, 刘书桂2, 赵伟1, 张国雄2
2017年05 [536-539][Abstract](209)[pdf 505KB](206)
132 Effect of Runoff on Typhoon Storm Surge in Estuaries
孙志林1, 黄森军1, 焦建格1, 聂会2
2017年05 [519-526][Abstract](176)[pdf 1513KB](243)
133 Fuzzy Adaptive Dynamic Surface Fault-Tolerant Control for Hypersonic Vehicles
胡超芳1, 高志飞1, 刘运兵1, 王娜2
2017年05 [491-499][Abstract](194)[pdf 1626KB](184)
134 Effect of Equivalent Heat Exchange Area on Thermal Sensor Containing Local Internal Heat Source
徐英1,2, 姚云飞1,2, 张涛1,2, 袁超1,2
2017年05 [483-490][Abstract](185)[pdf 1209KB](191)
135 Polydopamine-Assisted Preparation and Application of Magnetic Immobilized β-Glucosidase
苏荣欣1,2,3, 杨仁俊1,2, 齐崴1,2,3, 何志敏1,2
2017年05 [471-476][Abstract](190)[pdf 809KB](200)
136 Synthesis and Property of New Copolymer Retarder
郭锦棠1, 石英1, 于永金2, 夏修建1, 靳建州2
2017年05 [453-458][Abstract](242)[pdf 680KB](201)
137 Density Functional Theory of Oxygen Reduction Reaction over O-Doped Graphene-Supported Pt4 and Pt3Ni
韩金玉1,2,3, 孙梦楠1,2,3, 王华1,2,3, 祝新利1,2,3, 刘晓1,2,3, 葛庆峰1,2,3,4, 崔超男1,2,3
2017年05 [447-452][Abstract](368)[pdf 1068KB](331)
138 Floating-Point Multiplication and Addition Algorithm Based on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Processor
高静1, 杜增权1, 高天野1, 罗韬2, 史再峰1
2017年04 [437-445][Abstract](122)[pdf 618KB](133)
139 Interconnect Delay Performance Evaluation for Non-Crossing Level and Row Operands Parallel RCA
陈乃金1,2, 冯志勇1
2017年04 [429-436][Abstract](137)[pdf 774KB](139)
140 Spread-Out Helix Modified Roll of Spiral Bevel Gears and Tooth Contact Analysis
孙月海1,2, 李小亨1
2017年04 [421-428][Abstract](154)[pdf 1095KB](129)
141 GNSS Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Based on EKF
宋建材1, 侯春萍1, 薛桂香2
2017年04 [405-410][Abstract](123)[pdf 1049KB](153)
142 Seismic Behavior and Simplified Model of Plasterboard Wall Reinforced with In-Filled RC Columns
尹越1,2, 车鑫宇1,3, 曹宇4, 黄尧堃1
2017年04 [358-366][Abstract](174)[pdf 2352KB](138)
143 Cable Response,Lift and Water Film Morphology Under Rain-Wind Induced Vibration
毕继红1,2, 关健1, 王剑3, 武骥1
2017年04 [351-357][Abstract](163)[pdf 1917KB](187)
144 Experiment on Effect of Shield Tunneling and Compensation Grouting on Surface Settlement Under Different Cover Depths
郑刚1,2, 张天奇1,2, 张扶正1,2, 查万理1,2, 程雪松1,2
2017年04 [335-344][Abstract](260)[pdf 1650KB](232)
145 Multi-Objective Optimization of Powertrain Mounting System Based on Kriging Model
毕凤荣1, 刘建飞1, 姚昱儒1, 张剑1, 景亚兵1, 田从丰2
2017年03 [328-334][Abstract](457)[pdf 1587KB](1199)
146 Classification of Lung Nodules by Ensemble Learning Based on Bootstrap-Heterogeneous SVM
高峰1,2, 代美玲1, 祁瑾1,3
2017年03 [321-327][Abstract](396)[pdf 964KB](326)
147 Hybrid Pose Measurement Based on Fusion of IMU and Monocular Vision
孙长库1,2, 徐怀远1, 张宝尚2, 王鹏1,2, 郭肖亭1
2017年03 [313-320][Abstract](474)[pdf 1547KB](781)
148 Uncertainty Study and Sensitivity Analysis of Soil-Rock Thermal Response Test
张雪丹1,2, 姜益强1, 姚杨1, 邓仕明2
2017年03 [306-312][Abstract](1334)[pdf 933KB](328)
149 Analysis of Input Signals in Short Circuit Transfer Process of CO2 Gas Shielded Arc Welding
吕小青1,2, 孙蕴慧1,2, 徐连勇1,2, 荆洪阳1,2
2017年03 [295-299][Abstract](417)[pdf 543KB](1752)
150 Microstructure and Properties of Laser Welding Ultra-High Strength Steel DP980 Joints
杨立军1, 孙明升1, 王金凤1,2, 刘桐1
2017年03 [290-294][Abstract](407)[pdf 1290KB](1249)
151 Fatigue Characteristics of Mg Alloy AZ21 Under Multiaxial Non-Proportional Loading
崔云1,2, 陈刚1, 王磊1, 高红1, 陈旭1
2017年03 [283-289][Abstract](388)[pdf 828KB](1436)
152 Preparation and Properties Evaluation of Polybutadiene-Based Latex Cement Toughener
郭锦棠1, 张振光1, 于永金2, 潘文杰1
2017年03 [262-267][Abstract](450)[pdf 941KB](347)
153 Visual Measurement and Model Reconstruction of Topography Under Muddy Water Based on B-Mode Ultrasound Imaging
宋欢1, 邹先坚1,2, 王川婴2, 韩增强2, 马志敏1
2017年03 [255-261][Abstract](1172)[pdf 1667KB](327)
154 Water Level Forecasting by Static and Dynamic Neural Networks
江衍铭1, 郝偌楠1, 李楠楠1, 汪健2
2017年03 [245-254][Abstract](412)[pdf 1672KB](307)
155 Nonlinear Contact Between Subsea Pipeline and Slip-on Arrestor During the Process of Buckling Propagation
刘源1,2, 苗春生3, 余建星1, 段晶辉1, 郭帅1, 马维林4
2017年03 [225-232][Abstract](1524)[pdf 987KB](481)
156 Identification and Modeling of Integrated Energy System Containing Micro Gas Turbine
贾宏杰1, 戚冯宇1, 徐宪东2, 余晓丹1, 杨献莘1, 穆云飞1
2017年02 [215-223][Abstract](113)[pdf 988KB](123)
157 Blind Super Resolution Image Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Blind Deconvolution
元伟1, 张立毅1,2
2017年02 [206-214][Abstract](178)[pdf 1640KB](134)
158 Simplified Model for Analysis of Steel Frame Column Subjected to Blast Loading
杨涛春1,2, 李国强1,3, 陆勇4, 陈素文1,3
2017年02 [188-197][Abstract](141)[pdf 1135KB](115)
159 Experiment on Seismic Behavior of High Strength Reinforced Concrete Coupled Shear Wall
于敬海1,2, 丁永君1,2, 谢剑2, 王少华2, 徐洪茂3
2017年02 [181-187][Abstract](144)[pdf 1175KB](120)
160 Optimal Design for Prestressed Arc Transition Sections of Composite Bucket Foundation
丁红岩1,2,3, 何少华1, 张浦阳1,2,3, 翟少华1
2017年02 [174-180][Abstract](130)[pdf 2171KB](151)
161 Seismic Behavior of Prefabricated High Strength Concrete Pipe Column with Mixed Reinforcement Under Various Axial-Compression Ratio
张锡治1,2, 蔡魏巍3, 张潮3, 马健3
2017年02 [167-173][Abstract](194)[pdf 1149KB](129)
162 Cracked Steel Plates Repaired by Stop Holes and CFRP and Fatigue Life Prediction
伍希志1,2, 林彬1, 程军圣2, 王树新1
2017年02 [154-158][Abstract](172)[pdf 945KB](132)
163 Diameter Error Compensation Based on Flexible Cutting Force Model in Hole Helical Milling Process
李士鹏1, 田利成2, 秦旭达1, 张笑宇1, 张烘州3, 李永行4
2017年02 [147-153][Abstract](402)[pdf 966KB](126)
164 Intelligent Optimization of CNC Equipment Machining Parameters Based on Pareto Genetic Algorithm and TRIZ Theory
刘恒丽1,2, 董靖川1, 于治强1
2017年02 [121-127][Abstract](338)[pdf 1352KB](174)
165 Sensitivity Analysis of Energy Consumption Parameters for Petrel-Ⅱ Underwater Glider Based on Sobol’ Method
王树新1,2, 宋扬1,2, 王延辉1,2, 牛文栋1,2, 雷智1,2
2017年02 [113-120][Abstract](439)[pdf 1736KB](273)
166 Nanometric Cutting of Monocrystalline Silicon Based on EBSD Technique
徐宗伟1, 赵兵1, 刘红光2, 刘冰3, 国晨1
2017年01 [99-104][Abstract](221)[pdf 1378KB](174)
167 Stress Analysis of Storage Well Group Based on Schwartz Alternating Iteration Method
张晋军1,2, 谭蔚1, 牛卫飞1,2, 王泽军2
2017年01 [91-98][Abstract](234)[pdf 1012KB](170)
168 Numerical Simulation of Vortex Generator on Heat Transfer Enhancement
原平方1,2,3, 张婷1,2,3, 齐文哲1,2,3, 郭凯1,2,3, 张小波1,2,3, 刘春江1,2,3
2017年01 [84-90][Abstract](275)[pdf 1469KB](221)
169 Flow Field Analysis and Stirring Parameters Optimization of Fly Ash Pretreatment Slurry Tank
刘丽艳1, 李晨辰1, 朱国瑞1, 张战军2, 孙俊民2, 谭蔚1
2017年01 [77-83][Abstract](262)[pdf 1105KB](154)
170 Experiment and Simulation of Heat Transfer in a Rectangular Channel with Vortex Generator
刘春江1,2, 阮仁君1,2, 郭凯1,2, 齐文哲1,2, 陶敏1,2, 黄哲庆3
2017年01 [71-76][Abstract](270)[pdf 714KB](173)
171 Effect of TS-1 Treatment by Tetrapropyl Ammonium Hydroxide on 1-Hexene Epoxidation
王亚权1,2,3, 林永杰1,2,3, 刘伟1,2,3, 王书海1,2,3, 叶家鑫1,2,3, 李昊阳1,2,3, 王守桂1,2,3
2017年01 [65-70][Abstract](284)[pdf 874KB](322)
172 Catalytic Pyrolysis of Arundo Donax in a Two-Stage Fixed-Bed Reactor
陈冠益1,2, 杨会军1, 姚金刚1, 颜蓓蓓1,3, 马文超1,3, 张颖1, 许宁格1
2017年01 [59-64][Abstract](256)[pdf 596KB](162)
173 Theoretical Analysis of Commended Room Size Index for Air Cleaners
刘俊杰1,2, 尹晓彤1,2
2017年01 [54-58][Abstract](351)[pdf 489KB](280)
174 Electrochemical Machining of TC4 Turbine Blades Repaired Layer
刘为东1, 罗震1,2, 敖三三1, 李洋1, 刘祖明1, 张辉1
2017年01 [49-53][Abstract](266)[pdf 1397KB](182)
175 Effect of Welding Energy on the Performance of the Al/Ti Joints Obtained by Ultrasonic Welding
赵玉津1, 张慧敏1,2, 罗震1,2, 冯梦楠1,2, 郭客3,4
2017年01 [43-48][Abstract](294)[pdf 2343KB](183)
176 Sound Quality Prediction for Diesel Engine Radiated Noise Based on EEMD-HT and LSSVM
毕凤荣1, 李琳2, 张剑1, 马腾1
2017年01 [28-34][Abstract](284)[pdf 571KB](172)
177 Application of the Objective Optimization Algorithm in Parametric Design of Impeller Blade
刘正先1, 韩博2, 鲁业明1
2017年01 [19-27][Abstract](328)[pdf 2134KB](181)
178 Material and Energy Conversion of Integrated 100 t/a-Scale Bio-Jet Fuel-Range Hydrocarbon Production System via Aqueous Conversion of Biomass
张琦1,2, 李宇萍1,2, 陈伦刚1,2, 王铁军1,2, 刘琪英1,2, 张兴华1,2, 谈金1,2, 李凯1,2, 马隆龙1,2
2017年01 [13-18][Abstract](257)[pdf 829KB](198)
179 Hydrogen Production by Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Ethylene Glycol over NiFe/CeO2 Catalysts
陈冠益1,2,3, 李婉晴1,4,5, 颜蓓蓓1,2, 单锐1, 姚金刚1, 马文超1,2
2017年01 [7-12][Abstract](357)[pdf 871KB](184)
180  Numerical Analysis of Seismic Behavior of Semi-Rigid Composite
Frame on Multi-Scale

 潘建荣 1,杨正挺 1,王 湛 1, 2,董 现 1

2016年增刊1期 [161-167][Abstract](438)[pdf 786KB](233)
181  Review of Random Fatigue Research in Civil Engineering
 韩庆华 1, 2,叶 菲 1,徐 杰 1, 2

2016年增刊1期 [143-151][Abstract](356)[pdf 799KB](305)
182  Bending Tensile Strength Test of Autoclaved Silicate
Tongue-and-Groove Block Masonry

 徐春一 1, 2,商 阳 2,石永久1,高连玉3

2016年增刊1期 [137-142][Abstract](481)[pdf 637KB](225)
183  Finite Element Analysis of Steel Pedestrian Bridges Under Vehicle Collision
 尹 越 1, 2,黄逸群 1,王秀泉3

2016年增刊1期 [129-136][Abstract](454)[pdf 1176KB](434)
184  Experimental Study on High Cycle Fatigue Behavior and
γ-P-S-N Curves of Bridge Steel Q345qD

 贾单锋 1,廖小伟 2,崔 佳 1

2016年增刊1期 [122-128][Abstract](266)[pdf 1369KB](238)
185  State-of-the-Art on Fire-Resistance Behavior of High
Strength Steel Structures

 罗永峰 1,任楚超 1,强旭红1,刘 晓 2

2016年增刊1期 [104-121][Abstract](713)[pdf 2931KB](284)
186  Design and Finite Element Analysis of Truss-Column Pin-Connected
Joints in Large-Span Steel Structures

 马建伟 1, 2,王小盾 1,郝会芬2,安日红2

2016年增刊1期 [97-103][Abstract](451)[pdf 3388KB](264)
187  High-Efficient Assembling Formwork System for Cast-in-Place
Floor Construction in Steel Structures

 乔文涛 1,杨 洋 2,肖 剑 3

2016年增刊1期 [80-87][Abstract](490)[pdf 874KB](244)
188  Test Study on Resistance of Reinforced Beam-to-Column Connections
with Cover Plate Under Loads in Steel Frame

 曹 辉 1,王元清 2, 3,张延年1,张天申 2, 3,刘 明 1

2016年增刊1期 [55-63][Abstract](504)[pdf 1631KB](217)
189  Reliability Analysis of Cable Supported Barrel Vault
Considering Lasso’s Corrosion and Relaxation

 刘占省 1,王欢欢 2,李 斌 2,何 建 2

2016年增刊1期 [48-54][Abstract](304)[pdf 960KB](212)
190  Experiment on Seismic Performance of Bundled Lipped Channel-Concrete
Composite Wall and Beam-Flange-Strengthened Connections

 李砚波 1,曹 晟 1,陈志华1,李文葛1,胡立黎2

2016年增刊1期 [41-47][Abstract](636)[pdf 834KB](241)
191  Experimental Study on the Lateral Impact of
Fully Clamped Circular Steel Tubes

 张 荣1,2 ,支旭东1,2 ,范 峰1,2 ,武启剑1,2
2016年增刊1期 [28-33][Abstract](329)[pdf 2260KB](225)
192  Numerical Simulation of Wind Load and Wind Tunnel Tests of
Large Cantilever Steel Structures

 于敬海 1, 2,韩凤清 3,王 莹 4,李路川1

2016年增刊1期 [22-27][Abstract](452)[pdf 1305KB](336)
193  Non-Uniform Thermal Behavior of Steel Tube with
Different Shelter Details Under Solar Radiation

 周 婷 1,徐旭晨 2,王小盾 2,刘红波 2,肖 骁 2
2016年增刊1期 [17-21][Abstract](583)[pdf 593KB](297)
194  Experimental Study on the Fatigue Critical Details of the Loukouni
Bridge in the Republic of Congo

 王元清 1,陈蕴威 1, 2,廖小伟1,任剑波 3,武电坤4,李 俊 5
2016年增刊1期 [10-16][Abstract](613)[pdf 2155KB](245)
195  Mechanical Performance of Cast Steel Joint Used in Tianjin Library
陈志华 1, 2,姜玉挺 1,闫星宇1,吴 辽 1

2016年增刊1期 [1-9][Abstract](788)[pdf 2343KB](366)
196 A Price Response Model for Efficient Power Plant of Electric Vehicles
2016年12 [1320-1329][Abstract](305)[pdf 1455KB](145)
197 Point Clouds Registration Algorithm Based on Improved ISS Feature Points and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
葛宝臻1, 2,周天宇1, 2,陈雷1, 2, 3,田庆国1, 2
2016年12 [1296-1302][Abstract](588)[pdf 1385KB](150)
198 Analysis and Improvement of Time-Shift Phase Difference Spectral Correction Based on All-Phase FFT
2016年12 [1290-1295][Abstract](248)[pdf 719KB](235)
199 Gate Operation Schemes and Channel Erosion Below the Tidal Barrier in Shuanglong River
2016年12 [1282-1289][Abstract](194)[pdf 1288KB](138)
200 TOPSIS Method Based on Weighted Generalized Mahalanobis Distance:An Application to Reservoir Flood Control Operation
关宏艳1, 2,李宗坤1,葛巍1,王娟1
2016年12 [1276-1281][Abstract](139)[pdf 586KB](115)
201 Encryption Method of Medical Image Based on Wavelet Transform and Hyper-Chaotic Mapping
梁涤青1, 2, 3,陈志刚3, 4,邓小鸿3, 5
2016年12 [1255-1261][Abstract](162)[pdf 1365KB](107)
202 INS Acceleration-Aided Satellite Receiver Tracking Loop Algorithm
傅金琳1,2, 赵子阳2, 李醒飞1, 胡才2, 赵承利2
2016年11 [1216-1223][Abstract](235)[pdf 1888KB](164)
203 Equivalent Circuit Model and Element Optimization of CMUT
张慧1, 石建超1, 张雯1, 曾周末1, 綦磊2
2016年11 [1209-1215][Abstract](3786)[pdf 1092KB](3722)
204 Elastic Vibration Analysis of Rotary Ultrasonic Motors with Grouping Excitations
王世宇1,2, 王尧尧1
2016年11 [1203-1208][Abstract](353)[pdf 995KB](165)
205 Effects of Wall Temperature and Oil Film on the Process of a Gasoline Spray After Wall Impingement
李翔1, 裴毅强1, 秦静1,2, 王同金1, 赵乐文1, 詹樟松3, 郑建军3, 陈堂明3
2016年11 [1195-1202][Abstract](3684)[pdf 1354KB](242)
206 Simulation of and Experimental Research on Matching Optimization of Intake System Based on an Atkinson Cycle Engine
秦静1,2, 张泰钰1, 裴毅强2, 任源2, 李翔2, 王同金2
2016年11 [1187-1194][Abstract](237)[pdf 1411KB](177)
207 Calibration System for Electromagnetic Pulse Probes
刘星汛1,2, 韩玉峰2, 张涛1
2016年11 [1175-1180][Abstract](216)[pdf 2044KB](185)
208 Voltage and Power Flow Collaborative Control of Active Distribution Networks Considering the Operating Costs
徐弢1, 王成山1, 王笑雪1, 郭凌旭2, 翟晓磊2, 韩 柳3, 彭竹弈3
2016年11 [1167-1174][Abstract](229)[pdf 1079KB](3714)
209 Three Dimensional Thermal Network Model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Equipped with Axial Ventilation System
李斌1, 孙竟成1, 李华2
2016年11 [1161-1166][Abstract](310)[pdf 1476KB](3818)
210 Probabilistic Load Flow Calculation of Active Distribution Network Based on Improved Sequence Operation Method
刘洪1, 唐翀1, 王莹2, 葛少云1, 连恒辉1
2016年11 [1151-1160][Abstract](322)[pdf 1741KB](195)
211 Blind Signal Separation Detection Method Based on Compressed Sensing
杨挺1, 尚昆1, 袁博2, 张燕萍3, 盆海波1
2016年11 [1138-1143][Abstract](3801)[pdf 686KB](1268)
212 Phase Holdup Estimation of Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow Based on Cross-Sectional Conductivity Information
董峰1,2, 武仁杰1,2, 谭超1,2
2016年11 [1121-1126][Abstract](3747)[pdf 898KB](255)
213 Spontaneous Condensation Steam Flow with Self-Excited Oscillation and Bifurcation Phenomenon in Sonic Nozzles
王超1,2, 王刚1,2, 丁红兵1,2
2016年11 [1113-1120][Abstract](3878)[pdf 1403KB](5491)
214 Condition Optimization for Quantitative EELS Element Analysis
崔兰1, 赵鲁宁2, 陈小平1, 林奎1, 郭前进1, 马天1
2016年10 [1101-1105][Abstract](424)[pdf 718KB](221)
215 Numerical Study on Vortex Patterns of Ship Rolling Damping Based on Lagrangian Particle Method
卢雨1, 胡安康1,2, 刘亚冲1
2016年10 [1093-1100][Abstract](227)[pdf 2665KB](136)
216 Research on Steering Flood Routing Model and Its Application in Flood Combined-Regulation in Detention Basin
李大鸣1, 王志超1, 李杨杨1, 王笑1, 张建中2, 刘江侠2
2016年10 [1084-1092][Abstract](262)[pdf 1478KB](161)
217 Inelastic Analysis of Uncoupled Torsion to Lateral Frequency Ratio of Two-Way Asymmetrical Multistorey Frame Structures
姜忻良1,2, 邝羽平1,2
2016年10 [1076-1083][Abstract](453)[pdf 1424KB](127)
218 Modified CSPM Based on One-Dimensional Non-Steady Flow Theory and Riemann Solution
张力1, 方秦1, 张亚栋1, 毛益明2, 陈力1
2016年10 [1071-1075][Abstract](307)[pdf 605KB](155)
219 Statistical Experiment and Optimal Control on Driving Parameters in Shield Tunnel
路平1,2, 郑刚1,2, 雷华阳1,2, 张稳军1,2
2016年10 [1062-1070][Abstract](248)[pdf 1504KB](225)
220 Experiment on Seismic Behavior of Prefabricated Pipe Column with Various Levels of Prestress
张锡治1,2, 马健3, 蔡魏巍3, 张潮3, 丁文智4, 陈强4
2016年10 [1041-1048][Abstract](468)[pdf 1325KB](199)
221 Analysis of Effect of Floating State of Wind Turbine Group on Wind Turbine Transport Ship
丁红岩1,2,3, 石建超3, 张浦阳1,2,3, 黄旭3
2016年10 [1034-1040][Abstract](401)[pdf 1197KB](203)
222 Experiment on Penetration Resistance and Soil Plug Development During Suction Caisson Penetration in Soft Clay
闫澍旺1, 霍知亮1, 楚剑2, 郭伟3
2016年10 [1027-1033][Abstract](494)[pdf 1452KB](184)
223 Influence of Space Effect on Progressive Collapse in Excavations Retained by Cantilever Piles
郑刚1,2, 邓楚涵1,2, 程雪松1,2, 黄天明1,2, 雷亚伟1,2
2016年10 [1016-1026][Abstract](282)[pdf 3345KB](224)
224 Experimental Study on the Overall Stability of 7A04 High Strength Aluminium Alloy Angle Columns of Large Section Under Axial Compression
王元清1, 王中兴1, 胡晓光2, 韩军科2, 陈志华3, 邢海军2
2016年09 [936-943][Abstract](316)[pdf 2053KB](307)
225 An Asynchronous Parallel Ant Colony Optimization for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
田松龄1,2, 陈东祥1,2, 王太勇2,3, 刘晓敏4
2016年09 [920-928][Abstract](360)[pdf 1237KB](245)
226 Optimal Design for Lateral Buckling Control by Distributed Buoyancy Sections of Subsea Pipeline
李刚1,2, 战立超1,2, 孟增3
2016年09 [915-919][Abstract](551)[pdf 682KB](343)
227 Effect of Grid Density on Numerical Result for Oil Leakage from Subsea Pipeline
蒋梅荣1,2,3, 李志刚1,2,3, 余建星1
2016年09 [907-914][Abstract](391)[pdf 3331KB](296)
228 Condition-Based Maintenance and Optimizing Strategy with Imperfect Repair for Deep-Water Pipeline
徐立新1, 赵志恒1,2, 余杨1,2, 陈文洁1,2, 常立勇1,2
2016年09 [902-906][Abstract](514)[pdf 695KB](352)
229 Fatigue Reliability and Time-Dependent Reliability Assessment on TLP Based on Cumulative Damage Theory
余建星1,2, 刘杰1,2, 余杨1,2, 黄福祥3, 樊志远1,2, 王华昆1,2
2016年09 [896-901][Abstract](446)[pdf 1870KB](288)
230 Effects of Crack Parameters on Fatigue Life of Subsea Pipelines
余建星1,2, 郭帅1,2, 余杨1,2, 李妍1,2, 李骁1,2
2016年09 [889-895][Abstract](756)[pdf 1005KB](393)
231 Impact Behavior of WC-17Co Particle in HVOF Spraying
叶福兴1,2, 牛安宁1,2, 郭磊1,2, 丁坤英3
2016年08 [882-887][Abstract](242)[pdf 1449KB](211)
232 Evaluation of the Textural Properties of Melon Flesh by Different Texture Test Methods
刘莉1, 高星1, 华德平2, 刘翔1, 李志文3, 张平3, 李三培1, 张少慧1
2016年08 [875-881][Abstract](180)[pdf 751KB](172)
233 Modification of Dust Removal Performance of Filter Media by Precoating Technology
马德刚1, 郑琪琪1, 林伟强2, 郭铭玉1
2016年08 [869-874][Abstract](209)[pdf 599KB](177)
234 Establishment and Validation of a Dynamic Heat Transfer Model for Concrete Core Cooling Slab Based on Frequency-Domain Regression Method
田喆1, 雒志明1, 张长志2, 项添春2, 吴亮2, 杨延春2
2016年08 [848-854][Abstract](234)[pdf 735KB](162)
235 Numerical Simulation of Ice Storage Plate Emergency Energy Releasing Applied in Refuge Chamber
由世俊1, 冯彬1, 王津利2, 张欢1, 刘树3
2016年08 [841-847][Abstract](206)[pdf 1650KB](238)
236 Simulation Study on Heat Transfer of Buried Pipe Banks Under the Influence of Artificial Flow Field
赵军1, 张志英1, 刘九龙2, 李扬1, 孙铁3
2016年08 [835-840][Abstract](214)[pdf 1250KB](157)
237 Heating and Cooling Performance Optimization of Power,Heating and Cooling Poly-Generation Photovoltaic Radiant Panel
孙勇1, 王一平1,2, 魏世超2, 黄群武2, 朱丽1,2, 崔勇3
2016年08 [823-829][Abstract](189)[pdf 909KB](184)
238 Butene Extractive Distillation Process by Acetonitrile
任海伦1,2, 张立兴3, 李鑫钢1,2, 张吕鸿1,2, 姜斌1,2
2016年08 [817-822][Abstract](189)[pdf 544KB](155)
239 Simulation of Marangoni Effect on Falling Liquid Film Flow
全晓宇1,2,3, 耿洋1,2,3, 孙博2, 黄哲庆2, 刘春江1,2,3
2016年08 [809-816][Abstract](163)[pdf 1059KB](145)
240 Development and Performance Analysis of Self-Boost Energy Recovery Device
王越1,2,3, 高建朋1,2,3, 任亚斐1,2,3, 吴家能1,2,3, 徐世昌1,2,3
2016年08 [797-801][Abstract](187)[pdf 579KB](146)
241 Ratcheting and Low-Cycle Fatigue Characteristics of AZ31B Under Corrosive Environment
陈刚1, 鲁灵涛1, 崔云1,2, 邢睿思1, 高红1, 陈旭1
2016年08 [790-796][Abstract](210)[pdf 953KB](164)
242 Synthesis and Formation Mechanism of Chiral Mesoporous Silica Using Achiral Surfactant as Template
龚俊波1,2,3, 路平超1,2,3, 董伟兵1,2,3, 孙亚娟1,2,3, 于博1,2,3, 侯杰1,2,3
2016年08 [785-789][Abstract](248)[pdf 1447KB](135)
243 Inhibition Effect of In-Situ Reduced Gold Nanoclusters on the Formation of β-Lactoglobulin Amyloid Fibrils
苏荣欣1,2,3, 朱宏秀1,2, 黄仁亮1,2, 齐崴1,2,3, 王梦凡1,2, 何志敏1,2
2016年08 [777-784][Abstract](243)[pdf 1496KB](202)
244  Effects of Needle Roughness on Cavitation in Diesel Nozzle Orifice
 杜 青1,杨 贤1,郭瑾朋1,常 青1,白富强1, 2
2016年07 [749-754][Abstract](410)[pdf 920KB](242)
245  Similarity Analysis of Aerodynamic Performance on a Centrifugal Compressor Stage with Real Gas
 刘正先1,朱 畅2,韩 博2
2016年07 [721-727][Abstract](414)[pdf 1719KB](165)
246  Theoretical and Experimental Study on Active Control of Transverse
Vibration of Flexible Manipulator in Time-Varying Postures

 黄 毅1, 2,鄂加强1,郭 岗2,胡 伟2
2016年07 [716-720][Abstract](355)[pdf 740KB](221)
247  Geometric Modeling and Strength Analysis of Gear with S-Shaped Tooth Profile and Small Number of Teeth
 孙 强1,孙月海1,2
2016年07 [702-708][Abstract](491)[pdf 1625KB](203)
248  Simulation on the Training Effect of an Exoskeletal Rehabilitation Robot
 项忠霞1,赵 明1,高 飞1,金 腾1,胡志刚2,张 健3
2016年07 [695-703][Abstract](473)[pdf 1879KB](260)
249 Trajectory Planning Method for a 2-DOF High-Speed Parallel Manipulator
 王 喆1,曾 侠1,刘松涛2,宋 涛2,梅江平1

2016年07 [687-694][Abstract](410)[pdf 1633KB](286)
250  Method of Damage Characterization of Engineering Ceramics
Grinding Surface

 林 滨1,常志新1,张彦斌1,程应科2,梁小虎1
2016年07 [681-686][Abstract](440)[pdf 905KB](234)
251  Weak Feature Extraction of Vibration Signal Based on Binaryzation of EEMD Time-Frequency Map
王 鹏1,王太勇1, 2,董靖川1
2016年07 [667-673][Abstract](595)[pdf 1640KB](273)
252 Design on the Motor Driving System of Pure Electric Light Vehicles
刘 力1,陈学永1,王晓远2
2016年06 [659-665][Abstract](218)[pdf 970KB](207)
Grounding Fault Location of Transmission Line by Traveling ?Wave Differential Current

宣文博1,张艳霞1,陈 旭2,徐陆宇2,宋文玉2,张广辉3
2016年06 [639-645][Abstract](219)[pdf 1148KB](158)
Power Quality Transient Disturbance Detection Based on Improved Mathematical Morphology and S-transform

王慧慧1, 2,王 萍1,杨 挺1
2016年06 [631-638][Abstract](188)[pdf 1145KB](171)
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Bridge Structure Based on Ground Motion Prediction Equation

李 宁1, 2,王建凯1,李忠献1, 2
2016年06 [624-630][Abstract](290)[pdf 995KB](169)
Numerical Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Asymmetric Rotor System

谭 蔚1,李怀民1,吴 皓1,李振威2,楼辉阳2
2016年06 [603-609][Abstract](207)[pdf 1153KB](169)
Synthesis and Property of Thermo-Thickening Oil Well Cement Additives

2016年06 [597-602][Abstract](281)[pdf 686KB](228)
258 Heat Exchanger Design Based on Systematic Economic Optimization
张 婷1, 2, 3,齐文哲1, 2, 3,阮仁君1, 2, 3,刘春江1, 2, 3,刘 辉1, 2, 3
2016年06 [589-596][Abstract](260)[pdf 1067KB](204)
259 Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Based on DNA
费 腾1, 2,张立毅1, 2,白 煜1,陈 雷1, 2
2016年06 [581-588][Abstract](254)[pdf 1033KB](217)
Dynamic Symmetric Key Mobile Commerce Scheme Based on Self Authentication Mechanism

杨嘉琛1, 2,许龙胜1,梁高福3,张伟3,贺曙东1
2016年06 [567-573][Abstract](229)[pdf 1076KB](185)
261 Acquisition and Processing of Multi-Portion Pulse Information
王学民1, 2 ,郭 丹 1 ,王 欣 1 ,陆小左 3 ,周 鹏 1, 2
2016年05 [541-547][Abstract](294)[pdf 1104KB](215)
262 Electromagnetic Design and Analysis of Twelve-Phase Low-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
陈益广1 ,马 中 1 ,魏 娟 2 ,赵国平 2 ,郭喜彬 2
2016年05 [528-534][Abstract](242)[pdf 887KB](408)
263 Image Reconstruction of Breast Tumors Using Homotopy LM Algorithm in Electrical Impedance Tomography
秦伟刚1, 2 ,王 超 1
2016年05 [506-512][Abstract](271)[pdf 1768KB](161)
264 Selective Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation Based on Improved Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization
陈 炜1 ,陈玉健 1 ,耿 强2
2016年05 [498-505][Abstract](271)[pdf 1687KB](209)
265 Experimental and Mechanistic Study on Vortex Flow Around a Bluff Body in Gas-Liquid Flow with Low Liquid Fraction
孙宏军1, 2 ,汪 波 1, 2 ,李金霞 1, 2 ,丁红兵 1, 2
2016年05 [491-497][Abstract](300)[pdf 1019KB](235)
266 Influence of the Entrainment of Vortex on the Accuracy of Multi-Hole Orifice Flow Meter
于洪仕1, 2 ,张 涛 1
2016年05 [465-471][Abstract](270)[pdf 2470KB](207)
267 Temperature Field of Mass Concrete Foundation with Pipe-Cooling
魏德敏 1,洪川海 1,李重阳 2,胡力绳 3
2016年04 [437-442][Abstract](299)[pdf 816KB](342)
268 Ultimate Strength of Ship Structural Plate with Pitting Corrosion Damnification Under Uniaxial Compression
张 岩 1,黄 一 2
2016年04 [429-436][Abstract](249)[pdf 1848KB](231)
269 Influence of Stepped-Seawall-Structure Parameters on the Characteristic of Wave in Front of Seawall
骆文广 1, 2,张小飞 1,吴金骏 1,杨国录 2
2016年04 [408-414][Abstract](238)[pdf 663KB](263)
270 Flood Routing Numerical Model of Xiaoqing River Detention Area
李大鸣 1,范 玉 1, 2,杨紫佩 1,李杨杨 1
2016年04 [400-407][Abstract](291)[pdf 1661KB](219)
271 Influence of Initial Cracks on Seismic Response Characteristics of Gravity Dam
王 超 1, 2,张社荣 1, 2, 3,王高辉 4
2016年04 [392-399][Abstract](265)[pdf 1075KB](205)
272 Nonlinear Seismic Responses Analysis of Subway Structure in Soft Soil
周海祚 1, 2,郑 刚 1, 2,李笑穹 1, 2,张富有 3
2016年04 [361-368][Abstract](292)[pdf 2828KB](225)
273 Test Analysis on Spiral Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Impact Loads
郝逸飞 1, 2,郝 洪 1, 2
2016年04 [355-360][Abstract](395)[pdf 886KB](270)
274 Building and Application of WRF Model in Yalong River Basin
杨明祥 1, 2,蒋云钟 2,王忠静 1,王 浩 2
2016年04 [349-354][Abstract](215)[pdf 2218KB](195)
275 Simulation of Flood Propagation in Cities Using Large Scale Parallel Computation of Shallow Water Equations
许 栋 1, 2,PAyet David 3,及春宁 1,徐 彬 1,白玉川 1,刘红波 1
2016年04 [341-348][Abstract](311)[pdf 1994KB](295)
276  Simulation Analysis on Heat Dissipation Property of Finned Lithium-Ion Power Battery Pack in Vehicle
王世学1, 2,张 宁1,高 明1
2016年02 [213-220][Abstract](540)[pdf 1381KB](513)
277  Effect of Air Injection Quantity on Spray Characteristics of an Air-Assisted Direct Injector
 白洪林1, 2,胡春明1, 3,李志军1,侯圣智3,刘 娜3
2016年02 [206-212][Abstract](421)[pdf 995KB](208)
278  Modal Test of Medium and Continuum Coupling System
 张琪昌1,王 婧1,李 栋2,靳 刚2,赵 峰1
2016年02 [186-190][Abstract](396)[pdf 567KB](355)
279  Application of Grey Predictor Based Algorithm to Hydraulic Actuator Used in FAST Project
 肖聚亮1,楫 骏1,姚永胜1,刘 兵2,张 建2,白志岩2
2016年02 [178-185][Abstract](381)[pdf 1483KB](215)
280  Rapid Identification Method for Geometric Errors of CNC Machine Tools
2016年02 [171-177][Abstract](367)[pdf 1334KB](243)
281  Static Backlash Analysis and Study on Error Distribution of RV Reducer
 赵海鸣1, 2,王 猛1,张林林1,李豪武1,张怀亮1, 2
2016年02 [164-170][Abstract](434)[pdf 1346KB](273)
282  Experiment on the Breakup Characteristics of Impinging Jets of Power Law Fluid
 杜 青1,马永翠1,白富强1,2,常 青1,陈世兴1
2016年02 [158-163][Abstract](454)[pdf 1722KB](211)
283  Analysis on the Influence of Arrangement of Limbs on Compliance of
a 3-PRS Parallel Mechanism with Consideration of Gravity

 李 祺1, 2,刘海涛1,刘 君1
2016年02 [134-142][Abstract](400)[pdf 2041KB](296)
284  Analysis of Measurement Method Error in Freeform Surface Based on Equal Moment Strategy
2016年02 [128-133][Abstract](402)[pdf 834KB](347)
285 Research on High Speed Railway Communication System Based on Named Data Networking
2016年12 [1236-1242][Abstract](149)[pdf 609KB](122)
286  Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Chloride Diffusion in Saturated and Cracked Concrete
 申志超 1,别社安 1,刘 欣 2,倪 敏1,王胜年 3

2016年01 [103-110][Abstract](425)[pdf 1085KB](260)
287  Cable Force Characteristic Test of Bidirectional Beam String
Structure After Cable Shape Optimization

 吴 捷 1, 2

2016年01 [86-95][Abstract](354)[pdf 1084KB](188)
288  Experimental Research on Size Effect Upon Consolidation Property of Hydraulic Reclamation Soft Clay
 雷华阳12,贺彩峰2,仇王维2,陈 丽2
2016年01 [73-79][Abstract](424)[pdf 902KB](467)
289  Simulation of Wave Interaction with Porous Structures Based on Non-Hydrostatic Equation
 邹国良 1, 2,张庆河 1

2016年01 [65-72][Abstract](382)[pdf 841KB](318)
290  Experiment on Vortex Induced Vibration of Deep Sea Risers Considering Parametric Excitations
 唐友刚 1, 2,潘悦然 1, 2,张 杰 1, 2,王 宾 1, 2

2016年01 [58-64][Abstract](427)[pdf 1307KB](264)
291  Relevance Between Cun-Guan-Chi Based on a New Data Collection Method
 王学民1, 2,王 欣 1,郭 丹 1,宋 鹏 1,张玉满1,周 鹏 1, 2

2016年01 [52-57][Abstract](408)[pdf 599KB](317)
292  B-Spline Description for the Shape-Based Image Reconstruction Algorithm of Diffuse Optical Tomography
 赵会娟 1, 2,刘玲玲 1,刘 明 1,武林会1,王 媛 1,贾梦宇1,高 峰 1, 2

2016年01 [46-51][Abstract](388)[pdf 825KB](362)
293  Multi-Row Planetary Gear Based Configuration Synthesis of Power Coupler
 李 斌 1, 2,孙 涛 1,宋轶民1,刘建平1

2016年01 [35-45][Abstract](518)[pdf 1290KB](216)
294  Influence of Chemical Ni-P Plating on Thermal Shock Resistance of
8YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings on QT500 Substrate

 叶福兴 1, 2,吕雁兵 1, 2,郝利军1, 2,孙 策 1, 2,郭 磊 1, 2

2016年01 [15-20][Abstract](441)[pdf 1436KB](209)
295  Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration and Microstructure
of Hydrophobically Associating Polyacrylamide

 田宜灵 1, 2,邱丽娟 1, 2,曹利千1, 2,朱荣娇 1, 2

2016年01 [9-14][Abstract](429)[pdf 1158KB](237)
296  Pressure Drop Through Winpak-Based Modular Catalytic Structured Packing: Mechanism and Optimization
 丁晖殿 1, 2, 3,齐文哲1, 2, 3,刘春江 1, 2, 3,黄益平 4,黄晶晶4,陆晓咏4,徐义明4

2016年01 [1-8][Abstract](791)[pdf 2130KB](243)
297  Corrosion Detection and Structural Evaluation of Lock Bridge at Tianjin Newport
 刘红波1, 2,刘东宇2,徐 杰 1, 2

2015年增刊 [147-150][Abstract](631)[pdf 827KB](531)
298  Reliability Analysis of Bearing-Capacity of Tower Foundations Designed for Ultra High Voltage Transmission Lines
 张子富1,杨文智1,朱海涛 2

2015年增刊 [142-146][Abstract](460)[pdf 378KB](445)
299  Progress in Application of High Strength Steel to Engineering Structures
 罗永峰1,王熹宇 1,强旭红 1,刘 晓 2

2015年增刊 [134-141][Abstract](540)[pdf 487KB](482)
300  Impact Response of Single-Layer Lattice Shells
 魏德敏1, 2,胡晨晞 1

2015年增刊 [127-133][Abstract](479)[pdf 970KB](406)
301  Seismic Behavior of Structure with Energy Dissipation External Wall Panel
 于敬海 1,丁永君1,李久鹏2,张锡治 1,安海玉 1

2015年增刊 [122-126][Abstract](494)[pdf 431KB](423)
302  Improvement of Form-Finding Methods for Beam-String Structures
 王春江 1,肖华裕 1,李向民 2, 3,蒋利学 2, 3,许清风 2, 3
2015年增刊 [115-121][Abstract](557)[pdf 603KB](524)
303  Experimental Research on Bearing Capacity of the Stainless Steel Fastener in Neutrino Central Detector
 王综轶 1, 2,王元清 2,杜新喜1,衡月昆3,陈志华 4,秦中华 3

2015年增刊 [110-114][Abstract](569)[pdf 1252KB](324)
304  Design and Analysis of Large-Span Single-Layer Reticulated Shell in Tianjin Yujiapu
 陈志华 1, 2,徐 皓 1,王小盾 1,宋长江 3,高修建 3

2015年增刊 [91-95][Abstract](667)[pdf 2358KB](395)
305  Analysis of Isolation Design and the Discussion on the Set of Deformation Joint for Isolation Structure
 贾 莉 1, 2,安海玉2,张锡治 1, 2

2015年增刊 [81-90][Abstract](514)[pdf 926KB](441)
306  Heat Transfer Property of Special-Shaped Column Composed of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes
 周 婷 1,李晓斐2,胥民扬 3

2015年增刊 [74-80][Abstract](810)[pdf 948KB](498)
307  Mechanical Performance Analysis of an Improved Form of Coupling Beam
 丁永君 1, 2,张贝贝3,李 端 4,付春兵 5,李进军 2

2015年增刊 [67-73][Abstract](488)[pdf 1828KB](460)
308  Analysis of Load-Carrying Behavior of I Section Steel Beam-Columns Strengthened by Welding Under Load
 蒋 立 1, 2,王元清 3,戴国欣 1, 2,张天申 3,石永久 3

2015年增刊 [60-66][Abstract](524)[pdf 1102KB](364)
309  Experimental Study on Bearing Capacity of Beam-Column Pin Joints in Long-Span Steel Structure Under Heavy Load
 丁大益 1, 2,令狐珺竹2, 3,施 刚 3,范秋转 4,贾 玉 4

2015年增刊 [53-59][Abstract](632)[pdf 1467KB](610)
310  Analysis of Seismic Performance of Pre-Fabricated Shear Wall with Steel Plate Embedded in Opening Based on Opensees
 张锡治 1, 2,陈俊杰 2,王金成 3

2015年增刊 [46-52][Abstract](632)[pdf 1817KB](350)
311  Influence of Joint Stiffness on Stability of Latticed Shells with Aluminum Alloy Gusset Joints
 熊 哲 1,郭小农 1,罗永峰 1,徐 晗 2
2015年增刊 [39-45][Abstract](602)[pdf 1434KB](446)
312  Stability Analysis of Aluminum Single-Layer Dome Based on the Behavior of Temcor Joint
 徐 帅 1,陈志华 1, 2,王小盾 1, 2,刘红波 1, 2
2015年增刊 [32-38][Abstract](559)[pdf 1376KB](344)
313  Experiment of Welding Reinforcement of End-Plate Connection Nodes in Steel-Structure Under Loads
 王元清 1,罗睿奇 2, 3,肖建春 3,张天申 1,石永久 1
2015年增刊 [25-31][Abstract](542)[pdf 1234KB](382)
314  Loading Capacity of Unsymmetrical Steel Reinforced Concrete Beam Under Bending
 王秀芬 1,尹 越 1, 2,杜明军3,宋 宁 4

2015年增刊 [17-24][Abstract](501)[pdf 711KB](463)
315  Seismic Behavior of SCFT Column-H Section Steel Beam Plane Frame
 王亚雯 1, 2,闫翔宇 1,周 婷 3

2015年增刊 [9-16][Abstract](706)[pdf 2270KB](381)
316  Finite Element Analysis on Mechanical Performance of TEMCOR Joints in Aluminum Alloy Shell Structures
 王元清 1,柳晓晨1,石永久1,尹 建 2,欧阳元文 2

2015年增刊 [1-8][Abstract](648)[pdf 3193KB](467)
317  Influence Law of Vibration Sources of Diesel Engine Based on
the Sensitivity Analysis of IMFs

 杜宪峰1, 2, 3,舒歌群1,卫海桥1,梁兴雨1,曹晓峰3
2015年12 [1098-1104][Abstract](543)[pdf 1741KB](199)
318  Dynamic Analysis of a 4-DOF High-Speed Parallel Manipulator
 梅江平1,薛 娜1,刘松涛2,宋 涛2
2015年12 [1083-1092][Abstract](534)[pdf 1467KB](247)
319  Numerical Simulation on the Effect of Intake Port Structure on the
Combustion Process of a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

2015年12 [1077-1082][Abstract](541)[pdf 2227KB](182)
320  Fabrication of PMMA Superhydrophobic Surface Coating by
Hot Embossing/Spray Method

 张海峰1, 2,张瑞敏1,刘晓为1, 2,梁迎春2,张晓舒1,朱敏瑜1
2015年12 [1071-1076][Abstract](578)[pdf 1220KB](273)
321  Experiment on Recovering Moisture of PEMFC Exhaust
by a Porous Media Plate

 王世学1, 2,鲁 池2,王 飞2,杨 博1, 2,邵光威2
2015年12 [1057-1062][Abstract](488)[pdf 720KB](337)
322  A Lung Region Segmentation Method Based on the Fractal Theory and
the Minimal Convex Hull Method

 冯昌利1,张建勋1,梁 睿1,代 煜1,崔 亮2
2015年10 [937-946][Abstract](449)[pdf 1036KB](292)
323  Analysis on Flow Field in Cone Wake Flow Field
 刘伟光1,张 涛1,徐 英1,白 龙2
2015年10 [929-936][Abstract](363)[pdf 4796KB](230)
324  Synthesis and Properties Evaluation of Salt Resistant Fluid
Loss Additive HTF-110L

 郭锦棠1,骆 成1,余前峰1,刘硕琼2,靳建州2,于永金2
2015年10 [901-907][Abstract](418)[pdf 591KB](372)
325  Performance of a Novel Static Mixer Combination
for Tertiary Recovery Process

 张吕鸿1,董佳鑫1,周雪松2,姜 斌1, 3,张 芳1
2015年10 [894-900][Abstract](419)[pdf 945KB](386)
326  Numerical Analysis of Fire Resistance of RC Beams
Subjected to Explosion and Fire Load

 赵建魁1, 2,方 秦1,陈 力1,李大鹏1, 3

2015年10 [873-880][Abstract](461)[pdf 737KB](383)
327  Surface Treatment of Poly(Dimethylsiloxane)to Affect MG-63 Cell Adhesion and Protein Adsorption
 镠施佳 1, 2,谭映军 2,董景新1,叶雄英1,王春艳2,李莹辉2

2015年09 [845-851][Abstract](703)[pdf 1269KB](497)
328  EEG Feature Under Binaural Beat Stimulation
 周 鹏 1,2,高 翔 1,王晓璐1,綦宏志1, 2,王学民1, 2,明 东 1, 2

2015年09 [834-838][Abstract](686)[pdf 716KB](383)
329  Divergence in Focused Ion Beam Fabricating Micro Cone Structure
 徐宗伟 1,申雪岑 1,李云涛2,李 康 1,林 枫 1,贾瑞丽1

2015年09 [827-833][Abstract](609)[pdf 915KB](468)
330  A Method Using Different Time Steps in Different Horizontal Regions for Simulation of Unsteady Temperature Field of Pumped Storage Power Station Dam
 孙 伟1,何蕴龙1,王 南1,熊 堃2
2015年09 [817-826][Abstract](615)[pdf 1116KB](293)
331  Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Combination Parametric Resonance for TTRs in Deep Water
 唐友刚 1, 2,朱龙欢 1, 2,李杨青1, 2

2015年09 [811-816][Abstract](697)[pdf 751KB](452)
332  Blind Source Separation and Identification of Loader Indoor Noise Based on the EEMD-ICA-CWT Approach
 毕凤荣 1,陆 地 2,邵 康 1,张 剑 1
2015年09 [804-810][Abstract](524)[pdf 722KB](453)
333  Static Stiffness Modeling Method of 3-RPS PKM
 落海伟 1,张 俊 2,王 辉 1,黄 田 1

2015年09 [797-803][Abstract](700)[pdf 1475KB](299)
334  Soap-Free Emulsion Synthesis and Performance Research of Oil Well Cement Toughener
 邱海霞 1,王志鹏 1,郭锦棠2,刘硕琼3,靳建洲3,于永金3

2015年09 [779-783][Abstract](607)[pdf 627KB](445)
335  An Experiment of Acoustic Model Adaptation Based on Deep Neural Network
 张 宇1,计 哲2,万 辛2,张 震2,葛凤培1,颜永红1
2015年09 [765-770][Abstract](643)[pdf 719KB](473)
336  Audio Classification Method Based on Non-Negative Tensor Factorization
 杨立东 1, 2,谢 湘 1,王 晶 1,匡镜明1

2015年09 [761-764][Abstract](718)[pdf 469KB](494)
337 Data Analysis and Parameters Optimization of Electronic Nose Systems
for Chinese Liquors Recognition

 亓培锋1,孟庆浩1,井雅琪1,曾 明1,丁承君2

2015年07 [643-651][Abstract](464)[pdf 902KB](375)
338 Formation Potential of Halogenated C-,N-Disinfection By-Products from
Chlorination of Four Selected Amino Acids in Drinking Water

鲁金凤1, 2,刘烜辰1,冯 瑛1,安怡然1,郭 昊1,赵洪辰1,周心怡1
2015年07 [632-636][Abstract](376)[pdf 355KB](368)
339 Effect of PVA Entrapping Bead’s Diameter on
Shortcut Denitrification Kinetics

张宏伟1, 2, 3,余伟明1,王 亮2, 3,赵 斌2, 3,张朝晖2, 3,张 凯2

2015年07 [625-631][Abstract](478)[pdf 747KB](381)
340 Fluorescence Detection of Alkaline Protease Based on
Protein-Coated Gold Nanoclusters

 苏荣欣1, 2,李 伟1,齐 崴1, 2,何志敏1

2015年07 [620-624][Abstract](458)[pdf 644KB](366)
341 Effect of Lubricating Oil on Heat Transfer Performance of Falling Film
Evaporation on Horizontal Enhanced Tube

李敏霞1,蔡文生1,孙 晗2,党超镔3,吕佳桐1
2015年07 [591-595][Abstract](454)[pdf 397KB](427)
342 Vibration Characteristics of Powerhouse Structure of Roof Overflow
Hydropower Station Based on Prototype Observation

张 龑1,练继建1,刘 昉1,余晓华2
2015年07 [584-590][Abstract](512)[pdf 730KB](392)
343 Numerical Simulation and Design of New Power Plant-Based Flue Duct Bend
?陈冠益1, 2,耿 页1,原国栋1,白雪松3,颜蓓蓓1, 4,郑乐宇5,龙正伟1,郭晓克5
2015年06 [561-567][Abstract](714)[pdf 452KB](484)
344  Stability of Minimizing Bromate Formation by Catalytic Ozonation with Supported Cerium Oxide
 王启山1,王宏超1,于兴玥1,王楚亚1, 鲁金凤1, 2,刘芳池1,朱光宇1
2015年06 [555-560][Abstract](678)[pdf 449KB](337)
345  Evaluation of Thickness of Machined Surface Deformation Layer with Image Processing Technology
 刘继刚1, 2,吕绍瑜1, 2,刘战强1, 2
2015年06 [547-554][Abstract](482)[pdf 1647KB](472)
346  Experimental Investigation and Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed High Strength Concrete Pile-Pile Cap Connections
 王铁成1, 2,杨志坚1,赵海龙1, 2,王文进1
2015年06 [527-534][Abstract](698)[pdf 919KB](428)
347  Dynamic Response and Damage Process Analysis of Urban Bridge Subjected to Blast Load
 朱劲松1, 2,邢 扬1
2015年06 [510-519][Abstract](794)[pdf 699KB](447)
348  Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Cast Steel Joints Connecting H-Shaped Beam and Square Tube Column
 韩庆华1, 2,刘铭劼,刘铭1,芦 燕1, 2
2015年06 [502-509][Abstract](678)[pdf 496KB](475)
349  Bisection Algorithm of Edge Augmentation for Electrical Power Communication Network
 杨 挺1,袁 博1,赵承利2,吴 成1,盆海波1
2015年06 [481-487][Abstract](620)[pdf 603KB](414)
350  Design and Implementation of the Protection and Control System of Microgrid
 李永丽1,陈晓龙1,刘 明2,李博通1
2015年06 [473-480][Abstract](718)[pdf 433KB](446)
351 Form-Finding of Tree Structures Based on Sliding Cable Element
张 倩1, 2,陈志华1, 2,王小盾1, 2,刘红波1, 2
2015年04 [362-372][Abstract](630)[pdf 799KB](462)
352  Extraction Method of Elastic-Plastic Stiffness Matrix in Dynamic Time History Analysis
 姜忻良1, 2,张海顺1, 2
2015年04 [355-361][Abstract](817)[pdf 631KB](567)
353 Effect of GDI Engine Injector Coking on Spray
 裴毅强1,陈 皓1,秦 静1,2,周建伟1,李 翔1,刘 斌3,胡铁钢3,吴学松3
2015年04 [334-340][Abstract](792)[pdf 1092KB](372)
354  Dimension Reductions and Dynamic Characteristics of Rotor System with Coupling Faults
 曹树谦1, 2, 3,王 俊1, 2, 3,韩研研1, 2, 3,白雪川1, 2, 3
2015年04 [318-327][Abstract](621)[pdf 2130KB](405)
355  ECT/ERT Dual-Modality Tomography Based on Inner Electrode Array
 王丕涛1, 2,王化祥1,孙犇渊1
2015年04 [311-317][Abstract](821)[pdf 1325KB](372)
356  A Fast Adaptive Iterative Hard Threshold Algorithm for Electrical Resistance Tomography
 董 峰1, 2,赵 佳1, 2,许燕斌1, 2,谭 超1, 2
2015年04 [305-310][Abstract](936)[pdf 1069KB](367)
357  Model of Lung Respiratory Movement Based on 4D CT
 梁 睿1,张建勋1,冯昌利1,赵汝琛2
2015年04 [298-304][Abstract](773)[pdf 642KB](845)
358 TRPIV Measurement of Flow Field Around Wedge in Circular Pipe
胡 岳1, 2,姚世勇3,张 涛1, 3,姜 楠3
2015年04 [285-290][Abstract](765)[pdf 987KB](431)
Gas Flow Characteristics and Particle Impact Behavior
in High Velocity Oxygen/Air Fuel Process

陆冠雄1, 2,孙 策1, 2,郝利军1, 2,叶福兴1, 2
2015年03 [275-283][Abstract](682)[pdf 2209KB](434)
Overexpression of Lycium chinense Miller Phytoene Sythase
(LmPSY)Gene to Enhance the Resistance of Eustoma grandiflorum

季 静1, 2,曹海燕1,王 罡2,柳 洁1,李招娣1,武卫党2
2015年03 [262-268][Abstract](505)[pdf 806KB](476)
An Approach to Mixing Equipment Optimization Based on Flow
Pattern Construction

刘春江1, 2,赵明恩1, 2,郭 凯1, 2,齐文哲1, 2,黄哲庆1, 2,刘伯潭1, 2
2015年03 [255-261][Abstract](505)[pdf 668KB](554)
High-Speed Train Interior Noise Analysis Under
Multi-Physical-Field Coupled Excitations

毛 杰1,郝志勇1,孙 强2,郑 旭1,马晓龙2,张 强1
2015年03 [240-245][Abstract](520)[pdf 974KB](699)
Establishment and Application of Artificial Neural Network Based
Model of Lean Burn Gasoline Engine with LNT

李志军1,常 庆1,张洪洋1,刘 磊1,陈韶舒1,曹曼曼1,岳东鹏2
2015年03 [234-239][Abstract](449)[pdf 623KB](495)
Experiment on Anti-Corrosion Property of
Steel in Chloride Concrete

李志国1, 2,刘成义1,林陈安攀1,孙震洲1
2015年03 [219-224][Abstract](528)[pdf 925KB](589)
Meso-Scale Numerical Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Rockfill Under
Loading Path of Constant Stress Ratio

马 刚1,井向阳2,胡 超1,常晓林1,周 伟1
2015年03 [209-218][Abstract](525)[pdf 1071KB](412)
366  Flood Dispatching Numerical Simulation for Detention Basins of Yongding River
 李大鸣1,王 笑1,赵明雨1,张建中2,刘思清2,刘江侠2
2015年01 [76-86][Abstract](836)[pdf 1487KB](420)
367  Dual Mesh Semi-3D Algorithm Towards NIR Diffuse Optical Tomographic Imaging of Brain Function
 刘 明1,孟 伟1,周晓青1,贾梦宇1,赵会娟1, 2
2015年01 [62-69][Abstract](791)[pdf 1009KB](410)
368  Design and Experiment on SEM Based Nanometric Cutting Device
 刘 冰1, 2,徐宗伟2,兀 伟2,王志强2
2015年01 [56-61][Abstract](822)[pdf 953KB](561)
369  Traffic Analysis and Forecasting of Power Video Services Based on ARIMA Model
 崔振辉1, 2,李林川1,赵承利3,杨 挺1
2015年01 [49-55][Abstract](764)[pdf 735KB](556)
370  Simulation Optimization of DPM on Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow in Complex Pipeline Flow Field
 张 涛1,李红文1, 2
2015年01 [39-48][Abstract](958)[pdf 987KB](413)
371  Experimental Research and Process Simulation of Bio-Oil Distillation Under Atmospheric and Reduced Pressure
 马文超1,李美惠2,颜蓓蓓1,陈 慧2,陈冠益1
2015年01 [13-18][Abstract](758)[pdf 447KB](528)
372  Rice Husk Ash Supported K2CO3,as Catalyst for Biodiesel Production
 单 锐1,陈冠益1, 2,陈 鸿1,颜蓓蓓1, 3
2015年01 [7-12][Abstract](913)[pdf 446KB](577)
373  Biodiesel Production in a Fixed-Bed Reactor Using D296R as Heterogeneous Base Catalyst
 陈冠益1, 2,王 祎1,赵鹏程1,颜蓓蓓1, 3,陈 鸿1
2015年01 [1-6][Abstract](968)[pdf 570KB](588)
374  Development and Experiment of a Tele-Operated Platform for Minimally
Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery Based on MicroHand Robot

 王树新1, 2,刘玉亮1, 2,李进华1, 2,李建民1, 2,杨瑞林1, 2
2015年12 [1041-1049][Abstract](857)[pdf 1288KB](355)
375  Finite Element Analysis of Key Joint Test Capacity of National Financial Information Building
 王元清1, 2,曹宇龙1,2,3,丁大益3,朱伟亮3,王 磊3
2014年增刊 [118-123][Abstract](649)[pdf 2679KB](383)
376  Numerical Simulation and Wind Resistance Checking Computation of Existing Light Metal Roof Reinforcement
 刘怡鹏1,罗永峰1,王 磊2
2014年增刊 [112-117][Abstract](627)[pdf 1076KB](423)
377  Computation of Elastic Buckling Critical Load for Steel Plate Deep Beam
 邱亚波1,郑 宏1,胡立黎2
2014年增刊 [102-106][Abstract](489)[pdf 974KB](548)
378  Vertical Deformation and Adjustment Measures for Mixed Super High-Rise Structure of Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center
 周 良1,尹 越1, 2,王秀芬1
2014年增刊 [96-101][Abstract](517)[pdf 501KB](419)
379  Nonlinear Numerical Analysis of Elastic Concrete-Steel Composite Beams
 韩庆华1, 2,王一泓1,徐 杰1, 2,邢 颖1
2014年增刊 [91-95][Abstract](466)[pdf 694KB](482)
380  Bending Performance of High-Strength Recycled Plastic Rod Reinforced Retaining Structure in Foundation Excavation
 郑 刚1, 2,李姝婷1, 2
2014年增刊 [85-90][Abstract](340)[pdf 1071KB](357)
381  Numerical Analysis on Horizontal Bearing Capacity of Prestressed Pipe Piles in Tianjin
 张锡治1,张 潮2,张亚楠3,陈 昆1
2014年增刊 [79-84][Abstract](350)[pdf 650KB](565)
382  Analysis and Design of the Steel Structure for Canopy Roof of Ulanhot Railway Station
 尹 越1, 2,王秀泉1,闫翔宇3
2014年增刊 [69-73][Abstract](441)[pdf 943KB](495)
383  Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Double Cable Structures
 王春江1,李向民2, 3,许清风2, 3,陈 锋1
2014年增刊 [57-63][Abstract](529)[pdf 692KB](433)
384  Sensitivity Analysis of Practical Earthquake Power Spectrum Under Multi-Support Excitations
 赵 博1,江 洋2,石永久3,王元清3,陈志华1
2014年增刊 [50-56][Abstract](414)[pdf 650KB](401)
385  Tests and Theoretical Study on Deformation Capability of Wire Grid Concrete Composite Floor Slab
2014年增刊 [44-49][Abstract](506)[pdf 735KB](428)
386  Hot Spot Stress Analysis in Butt Weld of Cast Steel Joint Under Bending Moment
 郭 琪1,韩庆华1, 2,李振宇1,刘学广3
2014年增刊 [37-43][Abstract](546)[pdf 668KB](486)
387  Simplified Model for Two-Side Constraint Steel Plate Shear Wall(SPSW)with Vertical Stiffeners
2014年增刊 [30-36][Abstract](510)[pdf 648KB](454)
388  Overview of Global Buckling of Deep-Sea Pipeline
 王 哲1,马克俭1, 2,陈志华1, 3,刘红波1,王小盾1,玥赵思1
2014年增刊 [17-23][Abstract](870)[pdf 1103KB](426)
389  Finite Element Analysis of Double-Web-Type Buckling-Restrained Brace of Low Yield Point Steel
 王佼姣1,石永久1,王元清1,牧野俊雄2,齐 雪2
2014年增刊 [8-16][Abstract](626)[pdf 1016KB](360)
390  Simplified Method for Calculating Temperature of Steel Tubes Considering Solar Radiation
 陈志华1, 2,肖 骁2,刘红波2, 3
2014年增刊 [1-7][Abstract](829)[pdf 448KB](461)
391 Design and Implementation of Dual-Pixel Compressed Imaging System
杨爱萍1,卜令勇1,郭岩松2,杨 扬3,侯正信1
2014年12 [1127-1132][Abstract](528)[pdf 799KB](545)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Physical Effect of
Water in Nanometric Cutting

李占杰1, 2, 3,房丰洲1, 3,宫 虎1, 3,陈耘辉1, 3,仇中军1, 3,宋 乐1, 3
2014年12 [1109-1114][Abstract](596)[pdf 3639KB](371)
393 Application of Model Updating to Bolted Joint Structures
张琪昌1,耿 岩1,王 辰1,靳 刚2
2014年12 [1095-1100][Abstract](598)[pdf 1079KB](351)
Steady State Solution of SH Wave Scattering of a Semi-Circular
Cylindrical Canyon in an Elastic Quarter Space

齐 辉1,蔡立明1,潘向南1,高 春1, 2
2014年12 [1065-1071][Abstract](697)[pdf 724KB](527)
395 Preparation of Spherical Alumina by Alginate Assisted Sol-Gel Method
王 康1,孟广莹1,杨文建2,于海斌2,孙彦民2,李晓云2
2014年12 [1052-1056][Abstract](599)[pdf 589KB](484)
Preparation of Nano-β-Ni(OH)2 by Stripping Method from
Di(isooctyl)phosphate-Kerosene System

王兴尧1,高严英1,王艳明1,姜倩倩1, 2
2014年12 [1047-1051][Abstract](521)[pdf 561KB](498)
397  Flexibility Assessment Method for Transmission Expansion Planning
 侯 恺1,贾宏杰1,姜 涛1,张 沛1,李 鹏2
2014年11 [1023-1030][Abstract](611)[pdf 717KB](374)
398  Seasonal Operating Mode and Performance Experiment of Gas
Engine-Driven Heat Pump Water Heater

 杨 昭1,张 馨1,史永征2
2014年11 [1017-1022][Abstract](561)[pdf 767KB](396)
399  Application of Late Intake Valve Closure(LIVC)Strategy Combined with
High Compression Ratio in a Gasoline Engine

 秦 静1,2,李云龙1,张少哲1,裴毅强1,尚 宇3,赵 焕3
吴学松3,刘 斌3,胡铁刚3,詹樟松3
2014年11 [1008-1016][Abstract](655)[pdf 1281KB](303)
400  Modification of Involute Gear Pair with Fewer Teeth
Based on Equal Bending Strength

 孙月海1, 2,刘彦峰1,段路茜3,葛 楠1
2014年11 [1001-1007][Abstract](770)[pdf 821KB](436)
401  3D Numerical Simulation of Navigable Flow Conditions of River Reach
Between Wudongde and Baihetan Reservoirs

 杨 研1,2,邵学军1,2,秦翠翠1,2,周建银1,2,王永强1
2014年11 [994-1000][Abstract](650)[pdf 1469KB](304)
402  Metabolic Engineering of Corynebacterium Glutamicum
for Acetoin Production

 马红武1, 2,刘会娟1,朱年青1,陈 涛1
2014年11 [967-972][Abstract](598)[pdf 534KB](456)
403  Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidizing Modification of Crumb Tire Rubber and
Its Application in Modified Bitumen

 于 凯1,王 欢1,韩赫兴1,李 瑞1,陈小玉1,杜 鹃1,权 伟1,刘双喜2
2014年11 [949-954][Abstract](577)[pdf 443KB](398)
404  Heat Transfer Performance of Multiphase Flow Closed Thermosyphon with a Built-in Pipe
 徐晓萍1, 2,史金涛1,姜 峰1,李修伦1
2014年10 [928-933][Abstract](694)[pdf 1051KB](367)
405  Preparation of Microporous Glass and Its Application to N2/CO2 Separation
 苏 伟1, 2,胡 鹏1,付兴亮1,孙 艳3
2014年10 [923-927][Abstract](712)[pdf 520KB](489)
406  Properties Analysis of Oil Tank Sludge and Experimental Study on Resource Cyclization
 马德刚1, 2,赵鹏程1,王 宁2
2014年10 [919-922][Abstract](772)[pdf 376KB](439)
407  MUSIC Algorithm-Based Signal Analysis Method of Antenna Factor Measurement
 刘星汛1, 2,张 涛1
2014年10 [909-913][Abstract](839)[pdf 532KB](543)
408  Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow Measurement Based on Kalman Estimation Fusion
 董 峰1, 2,李 峰1, 2,谭 超1, 2
2014年10 [903-908][Abstract](835)[pdf 842KB](493)
409  Effect of Starting Idling Condition and Mixture Concentration of a Turbocharged GDI Engine on Particle Emission
 裴毅强1,张建业1,秦 静1, 2,李 翔1,代玉利1,李云龙1
2014年10 [892-897][Abstract](651)[pdf 1199KB](338)
410  Setting of Excitation Frequency of SI-FLAT Shapometer
 杨光辉1,张 杰1,曹建国1,黄桥宝1,贾生晖2
2014年10 [871-878][Abstract](734)[pdf 774KB](432)
411  Recognition of Hand Movement Direction Based on
Movement-Related EEG Characteristics

 曹玉珍1, 2,张庆学1
2014年09 [836-841][Abstract](742)[pdf 621KB](535)
412  Simulation and Experimental Investigation on Time Domain
Optical Topography

 高 峰1, 2,段临晶1,李 娇1, 2,张 伟1,易 茜1,武林会1,王 欣1
2014年09 [829-835][Abstract](764)[pdf 2394KB](513)
413  Elaborate Simulation of Seepage Control Effects on Surrounding
Rocks of Underground Powerhouse

 郑华康1, 2,陈益峰1, 2,洪佳敏1, 2,周 嵩1, 2,周创兵1, 2
2014年09 [823-828][Abstract](756)[pdf 760KB](596)
414  Application Analysis of Composite Supporting of
Scattered Piles and Step-Slope

2014年09 [817-822][Abstract](737)[pdf 805KB](531)
415  Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Turbulence on the
Flocculation and Settling of Cohesive Sediment

 乔光全1, 2,张金凤1,张庆河1,肖金龙1,夏 波3
2014年09 [811-816][Abstract](837)[pdf 618KB](491)
416  Analysis of Flare Radiation Characteristics of Offshore Oil Platform and
Thermal Shielding Properties of Water Curtain System

 刘 欣1,张 龙1,夏振炎2,焦 魁3,杜 青1, 3
2014年09 [790-795][Abstract](811)[pdf 585KB](433)
417 Experimental Study of Diamond Turnability of Iron Nitride
李占杰1, 2, 3,宫 虎1,佟伟平4,房丰洲1, 2,杨 川5
2014年09 [785-789][Abstract](833)[pdf 1418KB](443)
418  Multi-View Body Structure-Constrainted Human Detection Method
 张 静1,郭晶云1,刘安安1,高 赞2,苏育挺1,张 哲3
2014年09 [753-758][Abstract](914)[pdf 1202KB](540)
419  New Optics Calibration Method for Goniometer of X-Ray Diffractometer
 崔建军1, 2,高思田2,邵宏伟2,杜 华2,王鹤岩2
2014年08 [747-752][Abstract](646)[pdf 626KB](605)
420  Preparation and Characterization of Functional Magnetic Polymer Microspheres
2014年08 [741-746][Abstract](675)[pdf 1489KB](376)
421  Effect of Over-Expression of AtchyB on the Oxidation Resistance of Transgenic Eustoma Grandiflorum
 季 静1, 2,杨海兰1, 2,王 罡1, 2,武卫党1,金 超2,吴 疆1, 2
2014年08 [735-740][Abstract](639)[pdf 632KB](423)
422  Data Inconsistency Resolution for Wireless Screen Transmission Based on Collaborative Context-Awareness
 许宏吉1, 2, 3,解志刚1,王雷涛1,王 建4,杨华中2,庄文君3
2014年08 [728-734][Abstract](661)[pdf 561KB](499)
423  Pedestrian Walking Distance Estimation Based on Strap-Down Inertial Navigation of Shank
 汪少初1,2,刘开华1,刘 昱1
2014年08 [719-727][Abstract](624)[pdf 1109KB](395)
424  Flow Adaptabilities of Single-Beam Ultrasonic Flowmeters with Different Acoustic Path Arrangements
 郑丹丹1,2,张朋勇1,2,张 涛1,2,赵 丹1,2
2014年08 [703-710][Abstract](682)[pdf 1550KB](382)
425  Analysis of the Influence of Steam on the Measurement Characteristics of Vortex Flowmeter
 许文达1, 2,张 涛1,毕 英2,李 宝2,刘伟光1
2014年08 [683-688][Abstract](730)[pdf 634KB](405)
426  Effect of Intake Oxygen Enrichment on Particle Size Distribution from a DI Diesel Engine
舒歌群1,徐 彪1,张 韦1, 2,赵 伟1,董立辉1,王月森1,杨 康1
2014年08 [659-664][Abstract](736)[pdf 897KB](625)
427 Clock Synchronization Technology in Remote Radio System

向 坤1, 2,吴 虹1, 2,赵迎新1, 2,田旭生1, 2,王琦琦1, 2

2014年06 [546-550][Abstract](604)[pdf 590KB](469)
Classification Based on Sparse Representation with
Two Dimensional Image Matrix

程广涛1, 2,宋占杰3,陈 雪4

2014年06 [541-545][Abstract](818)[pdf 722KB](655)
Steering Control Strategy of AUV with Vectored Thruster
Based on Double-Loop Mode

陈世利1,卫 民1,李一博1,张震宇2

2014年06 [530-534][Abstract](738)[pdf 816KB](551)
Check of Indexing Error for Turntable and Establishment of Its
Compensation Model


2014年06 [524-529][Abstract](618)[pdf 511KB](436)
A Photon Counting Technology-Based Time-Resolved Fluorescence
Immunoassay System Design

高 峰1, 2,李峰辉1,李 娇1,易 茜1,陈 琛1

2014年06 [518-523][Abstract](655)[pdf 829KB](566)
Changes of Structure and Physical Properties in the Process of Dredger Fill Consolidation

张中琼1, 2,王清1,张泽2,李小茹3,宋晶1

2014年06 [504-511][Abstract](804)[pdf 1138KB](477)
433 A New Method for Calculating Wave Power Based on Time Domain Model

白志刚1, 2,魏茂兴1, 2

2014年06 [491-497][Abstract](847)[pdf 669KB](525)
Variation of Water Film Morphology and Aerodynamic
Force of Stay Cable

毕继红1, 2,王剑1,逯 鹏1,鲍 春1

2014年06 [479-490][Abstract](912)[pdf 1716KB](506)
Surface-Block Identification and Seismic Response Analysis of
Underground Structures Under Complicated Geological Conditions


2014年06 [471-478][Abstract](966)[pdf 1245KB](578)
436  Nucleation Mechanism of K2,CO3 in Supercritical Water Using
Molecular Dynamics Simulation

 张金利1,何正华1, 2,韩 优1, 3,李 韡1,甘中学4,谷俊杰4
2014年05 [464-469][Abstract](969)[pdf 2376KB](461)
437  Catalytic Property of Smart Polymer Coated Nano-Fe3O4
 王 薇1,2,刘 莹1,2,李铁龙1,2
2014年05 [459-463][Abstract](883)[pdf 832KB](596)
438  Distribution Law of Dredger Fill Endogenous Contaminants in
Tianjin Artificial Coastal Zone

 赵 林1,2,朱德成1,毛国柱1,郭 华1,郑 义1
2014年05 [452-458][Abstract](829)[pdf 711KB](457)
439  Force Analysis of Float-Type Wave Energy Converter
2014年05 [446-451][Abstract](831)[pdf 767KB](604)
440  Calibration of Virtual Three-Dimensional System
in Multi-Bubble Measurement Based on Planar Target

 薛 婷1, 2,黄 剑1, 2,曲立群1, 2,葛鹏辉1, 2
2014年05 [441-445][Abstract](764)[pdf 766KB](567)
441  A New Fault Location Algorithm with One End-Data for Four-Circuit
Transmission Line on the Same Tower Based on Double Opposite
Sequence Network

2014年05 [433-440][Abstract](866)[pdf 782KB](523)
442  Efficient Reconstruction Algorithm for Parallel Magnetic Resonance
Imaging Based on Self-Consistency

 段继忠1,张立毅1, 2,刘 昱1,孙云山2
2014年05 [414-419][Abstract](1026)[pdf 602KB](520)
443 Seismic Responses of Underground Cavern Block in Hydraulic Engineering Considering Bond Characteristics
李文倩 1,佟大威 1,王 振 1,鲁文妍 1, 2,朱晓斌 1,钟登华 1
2016年04 [369-375][Abstract](349)[pdf 1709KB](214)
444  Establishment and Experimental Study of an Air-Conditioning Ventilation
Experimental Platform in a Real Full-Size Aircraft Cabin

 刘俊杰1,李建民1,李 斐1,沈 忱2
2014年04 [283-291][Abstract](1129)[pdf 2085KB](371)
445  Optimization of Cooling Pipe Layout in Mass Concrete During Construction Period
 张 超1,常晓林1,刘杏红1,2
2014年03 [276-282][Abstract](1071)[pdf 1283KB](394)
446  Theoretical Model of Coherent Structure of Oscillatory Flow in Wave Boundary Layer
 陈汉宝1,徐海珏1, 2,白玉川1, 2
2014年03 [267-275][Abstract](870)[pdf 926KB](548)
447  Numerical Analysis of a Novel Coupling Grating Based on RCWA
 尤 勐1, 2,黄战华1, 2,蔡怀宇1, 2
2014年03 [262-266][Abstract](1289)[pdf 503KB](636)
448 Analysis on the Impact of DG on Distribution Network Reconfiguration
王成山1,聂 耸1,徐瑞林2,李 鹏1,孙充勃1,于莹莹1,张 楠1
2014年03 [189-194][Abstract](1066)[pdf 590KB](526)
449  Wind Tunnel Pressure Measurement of Drag Force Effects of Non-Uniform Buildings
 李 彪1,刘 京1, 2,高嘉明1,李美玲1
2014年02 [180-188][Abstract](903)[pdf 1071KB](352)
450  Effects of Air Flow Distribution on Contaminant Removal Efficiency in an Infectious Isolation Room
 凌继红1,于会洋1,李 猛1,邢金城1,赵 越2
2014年02 [174-179][Abstract](862)[pdf 914KB](466)
451  Effect of Tetraethylammonium Tetrafluoroborate on the Performance of Super-Capacitor Battery
 汪红梅1, 2,刘胜奇1,刘素琴1,刘建生3,李永坤3
2014年02 [163-167][Abstract](1184)[pdf 558KB](533)
452  Hydrodynamics Behavior and Mass Transfer Performance of Novel SiC Foam Trays
 李鑫钢1, 2,刘 霞1,高 鑫1, 2,田 冲3,杨振明3,张劲松3,李 洪1, 2
2014年02 [155-162][Abstract](908)[pdf 896KB](510)
453  Experimental Study and Numerical Calculation of Volume Change of Renal Cell During Freezing
 王雅博1,诸 凯1,2,3,张于峰1,安 娜2,王艳娇2
2014年02 [149-154][Abstract](1016)[pdf 630KB](480)
454  Dynamic Response of High Rockfill Dam Considering Confining Pressure Effect
 曹学兴1, 2,何蕴龙1,熊 堃3,冯 蕊1,王 超4,岑威钧5
2014年02 [116-123][Abstract](875)[pdf 779KB](525)
455  Critical Velocity Test and Flow-Field-Structure Numerical Analysis of Rock-Filled Steel Cage Under Water
 叶恩立1,周宜红1, 2,肖焕雄1,任 磊3
2014年02 [108-115][Abstract](1231)[pdf 1264KB](410)
456  Elastic-Plastic Damage Analysis of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structure Under Strong Earthquake
 李忠献1, 2,吕 杨1, 2,徐龙河3,丁 阳1
2014年02 [101-107][Abstract](1196)[pdf 776KB](600)
457  Generalized Synchronization Between Two Different
Complex Delayed Networks

2014年01 [81-85][Abstract](833)[pdf 795KB](509)
458  Novel R-Wave Detection Algorithm of DCG Signal

 张英涛1,黄剑华1,李明达1,宋 涛2
2014年01 [74-80][Abstract](775)[pdf 888KB](499)
459  Simulation of the Flow Field of Multi-Hole Orifice Flow Meter
 于洪仕1, 2,张 涛1,赵珊珊1,蒋 伟1
2014年01 [61-66][Abstract](1009)[pdf 803KB](465)
460  Optimization of Finite Element Model for Electrical
Resistance Tomography

 肖理庆1, 2,王化祥1
2014年01 [54-60][Abstract](1101)[pdf 1086KB](387)
461  Research on Wet Gas Experimental Facility with Adjustable
and Intermediate Pressure

 徐 英1, 2,尹 存1, 2,龙征海3
2014年01 [47-53][Abstract](784)[pdf 876KB](453)
462 Links Between Algae Biomass and Nutrients
in a Eutrophic Shallow Lake

 张 亚1,黄津辉1,戚 蓝1,王立明2,林 超3
2014年01 [36-41][Abstract](830)[pdf 864KB](469)
463  Influences of Thomson Effect and Additional Thermal Resistance on
the Performance of Thermoelectric Module

 王世学1,杨 博1,鲁 池2
2014年01 [15-20][Abstract](947)[pdf 586KB](835)
Shaking Table Tests and Damage Analysis of a Steel Frame-Shear Wall Model Structure

徐龙河1,单 旭1,吕 杨2,李忠献2

2013年12 [1127-1132][Abstract](801)[pdf 837KB](524)
465 Experiment on Interaction Between Wind Wave and Swell

陈汉宝1, 2,刘海源2,徐亚男2,白玉川1

2013年12 [1122-1126][Abstract](592)[pdf 468KB](443)
Improvement and Experimental Validation of Modified RC-Network Model for Concrete Core Cooling Slab

田 喆1,牛晓雷1,胡振杰2,王志强1,尹兴蕾3

2013年12 [1095-1100][Abstract](740)[pdf 811KB](513)
Topological Configuration of Kirchhoff Thin Elastic Ring Rod with Asymmetric Cross Section

张琪昌1,2,赵 彬1,2,王 炜1,2

2013年12 [1089-1094][Abstract](645)[pdf 664KB](424)
468 New Generation Ground Motion Attenuation Model for Western China

张 齐1, 2,胡进军1, 2,谢礼立1, 2, 3,姜治军1, 2

2013年12 [1079-1088][Abstract](695)[pdf 1087KB](386)
469 Model of Site Amplification Factor for Western China

姜治军1, 2,胡进军1, 2,谢礼立1, 2, 3,张 齐1, 2

2013年12 [1071-1078][Abstract](601)[pdf 965KB](529)
Modeling the Effect of Fault Rupture Velocity on Ground Motion by Discrete Wavenumber Finite Element Method

胡进军1, 2,徐龙军1, 3,谢礼立1, 2, 3

2013年12 [1063-1070][Abstract](695)[pdf 1134KB](409)
Characteristics of Ground Motions of Yiliang-Weining Earthquakes in Yunnan and Guizhou

徐龙军1, 2,张洪智2,陈 勇2,谢礼立1, 2

2013年12 [1054-1062][Abstract](810)[pdf 782KB](505)
Ground Motion Bi-Normalized Response Spectrum and Uniform Design Spectral Theory

谢礼立1, 2,徐龙军1, 2

2013年12 [1045-1053][Abstract](869)[pdf 887KB](545)
Ground Motion Bi-Normalized Response Spectrum and?Uniform Design Spectral Theory

谢礼立1, 2,徐龙军1, 2

2013年11 [1045-1053][Abstract](660)[pdf 1000KB](95)
474 Thermophysical Properties Model for New Binary Mixtures
Working Fluid of HFC32/HFO1234yf

2013年11 [958-962][Abstract](728)[pdf 639KB](643)
475 Preparation of Corncob Activated Carbon and Its Gas Storage
周亚平 1,,吴 頔 1,刘 佳 2,郑娟娟1,孙 艳 1
2013年10 [939-944][Abstract](844)[pdf 564KB](479)
476 Effect of Preparation Conditions on Crystal Size and Pore
Structure of Pseudoboehmite

王 康 1,杨文建 1,高秀娟2,王希涛1

2013年10 [934-938][Abstract](722)[pdf 923KB](491)
477 Flow Patter and Effect of Withdrawal Water from Stop Log Gate with
Multi-Levels in Hydropower Station

高学平 1,陈 弘 1, 2,李 妍 2,徐茂杰 3

2013年10 [895-900][Abstract](886)[pdf 678KB](599)
478 Field Observation and Finite Element Analysis of Metro Station
Boxes due to Ground Loading

郑 刚1, 2,邓 旭1, 2,刘庆晨1, 2

2013年10 [885-894][Abstract](871)[pdf 1099KB](444)
479 Frequency Domain Analysis of Motion of Floating
Platform for Offshore Wind Turbine

唐友刚 1, 2,李嘉文 1, 2,曹 菡 1, 2,陶海成 1, 2,李溢涵1, 2

2013年10 [879-884][Abstract](791)[pdf 851KB](614)
480 An Algorithm for Workspace of Orthogonal Manipulators
张建业 1, 2,赵 臣 1,张宏杰1, 2,张大卫
2013年10 [862-866][Abstract](897)[pdf 599KB](596)
481 Explicit Upper Bound Estimates of Central Moments  on MKZ-Type Operators
雷 阳1,叶培新2,宋占杰1
2013年09 [851-856][Abstract](660)[pdf 1178KB](358)
482 Analysis on Thermal Dynamic Characteristics of CNC Machine Tool Spindle
姜 杉1,赵志刚1,孙明陆1,郭建慧2,于 红2
2013年09 [846-850][Abstract](874)[pdf 978KB](412)
483 Synthesis of Phase Change Silicone Oil and Its Phase Change Behaviors
朱孔营1, 2, 3,李 晓1, 2,祁恒治1, 2,吴晓乐1, 2,赵蕴慧1, 2,袁晓燕1, 2
2013年09 [836-840][Abstract](733)[pdf 530KB](521)
484 A-TIG Welding of 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel
2013年09 [831-835][Abstract](873)[pdf 1101KB](454)
485 Outer Conductor Vertical Tin-Plating Process and Its Key  Parameters for the Semi-Flexible Coaxial Cable
程方杰1,2,马兆龙1,杨立军1,2,肖 鑫1,杨俊香1,武云龙1
2013年09 [826-830][Abstract](819)[pdf 1179KB](423)
486 Emission Characteristics of Semi-Volatile Organic  Compounds from Non-Road Diesel Engine
范国1,李登科1,张仲荣2,高俊华2,苏 丽2
2013年09 [820-825][Abstract](775)[pdf 590KB](513)
487 Response of Colony Formation in Phaeocystis globosa to  Grazing Chemical Cue
魏 静1,王小冬2
2013年09 [810-814][Abstract](692)[pdf 554KB](494)
488 Dynamic Air Disinfection Effect of In-Duct Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation(UVGI)
凌继红1,张银苹1,邢金城1,王 颖1,范景嵩2
2013年09 [805-809][Abstract](784)[pdf 539KB](489)
489 Path Entropy Method for Reliability Assessment of Water Quality  in Water Distribution Networks
2013年09 [799-804][Abstract](1127)[pdf 973KB](546)
490 Feature Extraction Method Based on AAR Model  and Accumulated Band Power
李红利1,2,王 江1,邓 斌1,魏熙乐1
2013年09 [784-790][Abstract](950)[pdf 689KB](767)
491 Estimation on Influence of Probe Protrusion Length of Ultrasonic  Flowmeter on Measurement
胡 岳1,2,张 涛1,2,郑丹丹1,2,郭小丽1,2,聂来晓1,2,胡鹤鸣3
2013年09 [776-783][Abstract](752)[pdf 836KB](589)
492 Interface Techniques of TSP/EMTP Hybrid Simulation
赵 帅1,房大中1,赵利刚1,王庆平2
2013年09 [769-775][Abstract](792)[pdf 894KB](529)
493 Three Gorges Hydropower Station Inner-Plant Economical  Operation Based on Limited Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
杨 侃1,2,郑 姣1,2,3,杨 敏4
2013年09 [763-768][Abstract](1077)[pdf 795KB](669)
494 Two Cut Manufacture of Spiral Bevel Gear on 4-Axis CNC Machine

张 婧1, 2,王太勇1,郑惠江1,汪文津2

2013年08 [749-754][Abstract](782)[pdf 661KB](537)
Analysis of Neuromuscular Mechanics of Lower Extremities Based on Self-Balance Recovery During Walking

苏海龙1, 2,张大卫1,李 佳1

2013年08 [743-748][Abstract](645)[pdf 934KB](578)
496 Optimal Match Method of Ultrasound Cable and Piezoelectric Transducer


2013年08 [719-725][Abstract](724)[pdf 658KB](467)
Spatial-Temporal Dynamic Control Framework of Temperature Control and Crack Prevention in Construction of Concrete Arch Dams and Its Engineering Application

井向阳1,常晓林1,周 伟1,刘杏红2,段 寅1

2013年08 [705-712][Abstract](1011)[pdf 1003KB](463)
498 Field Tests on Micropiles in Clay Subjected to Compression and Uplift

刘念武1,张忠苗1,俞 峰2,房 凯1

2013年08 [698-704][Abstract](620)[pdf 647KB](534)
Calculation on Normal Section Bearing Capacity of Square Concrete Column with Cross-H Type Steel Under Biaxial Compression


2013年08 [693-697][Abstract](641)[pdf 499KB](492)
Fiber Section Based Flexure-Shear Coupling Analysis Model for RC Thin-Walled Piers

李 宁1,李忠献1,谢礼立1,2

2013年08 [686-692][Abstract](916)[pdf 782KB](607)
A Surface Plasmon Resonance Glucose Measurement Method Based on Borate Polymer Binding

栗大超1,伍 鹏1,杨 佳1,刘志勇2, 3,林 园2,许艳丽3,徐可欣1

2013年08 [680-685][Abstract](938)[pdf 807KB](533)
502  Genetic Transformation of Maize with HAK Gene and
Its Effect on Salt Tolerance

 季 静1, 2,汪婷婷1, 2,王 罡2,吴 疆1,关春峰2
2013年07 [659-665][Abstract](819)[pdf 691KB](476)
503  Effects of Annealing Temperature on Structure and Properties of TiO2
Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering

 陈 芃1,谭 欣1,于 涛2
2013年07 [648-652][Abstract](1181)[pdf 851KB](511)
504  Re-Start-Up Technique of CANON Process in an Up-Flow
Biofilter Reactor

 岳尚超1, 2,王 馨2,王启山3,吴立波3,张怡然3,张 颖3
2013年07 [641-647][Abstract](895)[pdf 711KB](588)
505  Municipal Greenhouse Gases Inventory and Analysis:A Case of Tianjin
 邓 娜1, 2,陈广武1,崔文谦1,张于峰1,2,马洪亭1, 2
2013年07 [635-640][Abstract](930)[pdf 699KB](520)
506  Particle Size Distribution from Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
 潘锁柱1,宋崇林1,裴毅强1,原 达1,吴威龙2
2013年07 [629-634][Abstract](1090)[pdf 550KB](542)
507  Precision Analysis of RV Transmission Mechanism
 杨玉虎1,张 洁1,许立新2
2013年07 [623-628][Abstract](944)[pdf 992KB](428)
508  Comprehensive Risk Analysis of Rock-Fill Cofferdam Slope Stability
Considering Multiple Random Factors

 罗立哲1,胡志根1,刘 全1,皮凌华2
2013年07 [617-622][Abstract](907)[pdf 738KB](503)
509  Streamflow Simulation in the Upper Ganjiang River Basin Using
the TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Data

 袁 飞1, 2,赵晶晶1,任立良1,江善虎1,周瑜佳1,尹智力1
2013年07 [611-616][Abstract](828)[pdf 950KB](602)
510  Analysis on Stability of Shield Tunneling Face in Soil with
Strain-Softening Behavior

 张义同1,朱 龙1,宁加星2
2013年07 [596-602][Abstract](994)[pdf 1672KB](443)
511  Application of Complex Three-Order Cumulants to Fault
Diagnosis of Hydraulic Valve

 吴文兵1, 2,杨淑群3,周桃庚4
2013年07 [590-595][Abstract](1025)[pdf 855KB](572)
512  Design Method of Integrated Transimpedance Bandstop Filter
 李 锵1,轩秀巍2,李 琨2,滕建辅1,2
2013年07 [585-589][Abstract](918)[pdf 450KB](548)
513  Measuring Non-Axisymmetric Flow by Multielectrode
Electromagnetic Flow Meter

 赵宇洋1,张 涛1,Lucas G 2
2013年06 [559-564][Abstract](574)[pdf 904KB](431)
514  Effect of Mo Loading and Additive Co on Activity of
Sulfur-Resistant Methanation Catalyst

王保伟1,吕 静1,马新宾1,秦绍东2,孙 琦2
2013年06 [546-552][Abstract](651)[pdf 876KB](485)
515  Optimal Design of Accelerator Disk in Two-Stage Piston
Pusher Centrifuge

 谭 蔚1,乔 琳1,陶渊卿2,吕丽珍2,刘丽艳1
2013年06 [539-545][Abstract](594)[pdf 928KB](486)
516 Polylactic Acid/Amphiphilic Dextran Hollow Capsules for
Hydrophilic Drug Loading and Release

龙丽霞1,2,原续波1,2,钱小敏1,2,柳朝永1,2,张志华1,2,盛 京1,2
2013年06 [510-515][Abstract](739)[pdf 647KB](532)
517  Corrosion Behavior of Novolac Epoxy Coated Tinplate
System in Energy Drink

 夏大海1, 2,王吉会1,蒋雨轩3,李 娜1,周 超1
2013年06 [503-509][Abstract](932)[pdf 1296KB](385)
518  Support Vector Machine Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Monitoring Mean Shift Signals in Multivariate Control Charts
 赵永满1, 2,何 桢1,何曙光1,张 敏1
2013年05 [469-475][Abstract](941)[pdf 917KB](529)
519  Radiant Characteristics Evaluation and Structural Parameter Optimization Design of V-Grooved Surface Blackbody
 王 强1,张 宏2,张 伟1,戴景民3,谢蓄芬1
2013年05 [463-468][Abstract](884)[pdf 852KB](517)
520  Application of Sigma-Point Kalman Filter to Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation of OFDM Systems
 张鑫明1,2,叶 锋1,3,杨 波1,门爱东1
2013年05 [458-462][Abstract](835)[pdf 618KB](592)
521  Super-Long Life Fatigue Properties of EH36 Steel Welded Joints
 王 颖1,2,宋宗贤1,2,王东坡1,2,邓彩艳1,2,赵小辉1,2,刘亚骄3
2013年05 [453-457][Abstract](829)[pdf 1534KB](427)
522  Stability of Twin-Electrode Pulsed MAG Welding
 丁雪萍1,李 桓1,杨立军1,高 莹2
2013年05 [448-452][Abstract](862)[pdf 794KB](628)
523  Sequential Analysis and Evaluation Method of Gear Impacts
 康 焱1,2,石照耀1
2013年05 [440-447][Abstract](1120)[pdf 813KB](495)
524  Adjusting Method for Half-Spread-Out Helix Modified Roll Machining of Hypoid Gears
 张 婧1,2,王太勇1,李敬财1,郑惠江1,汪文津2
2013年05 [435-439][Abstract](850)[pdf 622KB](545)
525  Modification on Metro-Induced Environmental Vibration Prediction Based on Hammer Test Method
 袁 扬1,刘维宁1,王文斌2
2013年05 [408-414][Abstract](899)[pdf 976KB](432)
526  Numerical Model and Its Validation for Floating Simulation of Jacket-Type Wharf Under Waves and Currents
2013年05 [401-407][Abstract](1146)[pdf 1073KB](465)
527  Resisting Moment Behavior of Large Diameter and Shallow Buried Bucket Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbine
 刘 润1,陈广思1,刘禹臣2,徐 余3
2013年05 [393-400][Abstract](1199)[pdf 1200KB](538)
528  Triaxial Test on Creep Properties of in Coastal Soft Clay
 雷华阳1, 2,刘景锦1,贾亚芳1,李 肖1
2013年05 [387-392][Abstract](999)[pdf 684KB](639)
529  Analysis of the Relationship Between the Oil Holdup Measured by CoaxialConductivity Sensor and the Oil Volume Fraction
 吴东月1, 2,王 超1, 2
2013年03 [276-280][Abstract](888)[pdf 516KB](512)
530  Optimal Control of the Scroll Expander Exhaust Recovery System with Battery Storage
 褚晓广1,张承慧1,李 珂1,荆业飞1,王吉红2
2013年03 [269-275][Abstract](800)[pdf 1076KB](436)
531  Lattice Boltzmann Model of Cohesive Sediment Flocculation Simulation Based on the XDLVO Theory
 乔光全1,张庆河1,张金凤1,程洪剑2,卢 昭2
2013年03 [232-238][Abstract](822)[pdf 905KB](595)
532  Upper Bound Plasticity Method Determining Bearing Capacity of Suction Anchors with Cyclic Loading
2013年03 [224-231][Abstract](960)[pdf 881KB](640)
533  Inverse Estimation of Parameters in Constitutive Relationships of Water-Air Two-Phase Flow
 孙冬梅1, 2,冯 平1,张明进2,Semprich S3
2013年03 [217-223][Abstract](966)[pdf 861KB](617)
534  Pressure Calculation for Hump of Siphon Tunnel in Dockyard and Determination of the Optimal Radius
 白玉川1,赵 鹏1,马金辉1,戚晓明2
2013年03 [211-216][Abstract](1025)[pdf 925KB](611)
535  Clay Dynamic Deformation with the Consideration of Dissipation of Pore Pressure
 郑 刚1, 2,霍海峰1, 2,雷华阳1, 2,张立明1, 2
2013年03 [191-196][Abstract](1058)[pdf 552KB](583)
536  Azimuth Coefficient Estimation of Pipeline Inspection Gauge Location System Based on TDOA
 李一博1, 2,崔尧尧1, 2,孙立瑛3,向 红1, 2
2013年02 [186-189][Abstract](824)[pdf 826KB](638)
537  Registration of Three-Dimensional Point-Cloud Data Based on Curvature Map
 葛宝臻1, 2,彭 博1, 2,田庆国1, 2
2013年02 [174-180][Abstract](743)[pdf 1227KB](522)
538  Precise PSD Micro-Displacement Online Measurement System
 宋殿友1, 2, 3,刘铁根1,丁小昆1,李志宏1
2013年02 [168-173][Abstract](969)[pdf 598KB](535)
539  Methodology on Optical Topographic Mapping Based on Multi-Wavelength Lock-in Detection
 高 峰1, 2,朱苹苹1,易 茜1,张 伟1,陈 琛1,张丽敏1, 2
2013年02 [162-167][Abstract](613)[pdf 1043KB](455)
540  Preparation of Meso-Porous Activated Carbon by Catalytic Activation of Commercial Coal-Based Activated Carbon
 张香兰1,陈清如1,徐德平2,解 强1,许 宏1
2013年02 [156-161][Abstract](931)[pdf 529KB](649)
541  Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline LiMn2O4 by Hydrothermal Precursor Method with Low Temperature
 姜倩倩1, 2,王焕峰2,唐致远1,王兴尧2,任云龙3
2013年02 [150-155][Abstract](758)[pdf 903KB](583)
542  Methane Sorption on Activated Carbon Synthesized from Corncobs with Presence of Water
 刘秀伍1,王 亮1,金淑明1,段中余1,孙 艳2
2013年02 [138-144][Abstract](1169)[pdf 541KB](563)
543  Solid Particle Distribution in Vapor-Liquid-Solid Multi-Pipe Circulating Fluidized Bed Evaporator
 姜 峰1,王兵兵1,齐国鹏2,李修伦1
2013年02 [133-137][Abstract](1061)[pdf 506KB](590)
544  Comparison of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion on Metals in Industrial Recycling Cooling System Makeup by Municipal Reclaimed Water
 许 萍1, 2,王 锦1,张雅君2,许兆义1,刘晓冬3,刘 挺2
2013年02 [127-132][Abstract](821)[pdf 1290KB](517)
545  Response of Large-Scale Bucket Foundation Used in Offshore Wind Turbine in Shoal Areas Under Wind Load
 丁红岩1, 2, 3,郭卫波2,张浦阳2,3,乐丛欢1,2
2013年02 [121-126][Abstract](1191)[pdf 1638KB](510)
546  The Secondary Return Period of Wind-Wave Joint Distributions Based on Archimedean Copula Function
2013年02 [114-120][Abstract](1028)[pdf 762KB](672)
547  Large-Scale Shaking Table Test and Finite Element Model for Tianjin Library
 姜忻良1, 2,邓振丹1,2,韩 阳1,2,韩 宁3
2013年02 [109-113][Abstract](1181)[pdf 811KB](603)
548  Suction Penetration and Uplift Behavior Model Experiment of Integrative Suction Foundation for Tension Leg Platform
 李嘉文1, 2,杨树耕1, 2,姜宜辰1,2,邹 星3,张振宇1, 2,梁 静1, 2
2013年02 [102-108][Abstract](1062)[pdf 1011KB](516)
549  Numerical N-S Equation Solver Based on Adaptive Quadtree Mesh
 黄筱云1, 2, 3,李绍武1
2013年01 [58-66][Abstract](731)[pdf 1637KB](465)
550  Berthing Dynamic Response Analysis of New Floating Mooring System
 乐丛欢1, 2,丁红岩1, 2, 3
2013年01 [51-57][Abstract](856)[pdf 823KB](940)
551  Contrastive Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Saturated Clay
in Different Vibration Frequencies

 郑 刚1, 2,霍海峰1, 2,雷华阳1, 2,张立明1, 2
2013年01 [37-43][Abstract](774)[pdf 529KB](603)
552  Reception Parameters of Aerosol Particle Measurement System Based on Light Scattering Method
 葛宝臻1,钟现奎1,刘俊杰2,孟 睿1
2013年01 [22-28][Abstract](830)[pdf 915KB](634)
553  Numerical Simulation of a Novel Personalized Air Distribution System for Commercial Aircraft Cabins
 孙贺江1,李卫娟1,杨 斌2
2013年01 [16-21][Abstract](1048)[pdf 940KB](642)
554  Numerical Simulation of the Reasonable Row Number for Commercial Aircraft Cabins
2013年01 [8-15][Abstract](1108)[pdf 1773KB](511)
555  HWA Measurement and Analysis of MD-82 Aircraft Cabin Environment Flow Field
 王 维1,2,姜 楠1,2,曹晓东3,沈 忱3,刘俊杰3
2013年01 [2-7][Abstract](924)[pdf 781KB](671)
556  Wind Speed Simulation of Wind Farm Using WRF Model
 张 华1,孙 科1,田 玲2,晏 刚2
2012年12 [1116-1120][Abstract](1068)[pdf 582KB](551)
557 Method of Demand Analysis and Equipment Optimization in Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station
 刘文霞1,仇国兵1,张建华1,杨 威2
2012年12 [1110-1115][Abstract](539)[pdf 664KB](535)
558 Fast Breeder Reactor Power Manipulation Strategy Based on Advanced Genetic Programming Approach
方 涛1,陆道纲1,段天英2
2012年12 [1105-1109][Abstract](502)[pdf 462KB](527)
559 Dynamical Analysis of Firing Patterns Exhibited by Neuron Exposed to Static Direct Current Electric Field
伊国胜1,王 江1,魏熙乐1,邓 斌1,韩春晓2
2012年12 [1096-1104][Abstract](850)[pdf 1030KB](450)
560  Calculation of Scattering Light Distribution of Large Air Bubbles by Geometrical Optics Approximation Model
 吕且妮1, 2,徐 畅1, 2,靳文华1, 2
2012年12 [1089-1095][Abstract](676)[pdf 988KB](379)
561  Droplet Analysis Technology in Detection of Dissolved Oxygen and Salinity in Water
2012年12 [1083-1088][Abstract](679)[pdf 682KB](487)
562  Vibration Response Analysis of Station Structures Under Train Random Excitations
 丁 阳1, 2,米 仓1, 2
2012年12 [1071-1077][Abstract](806)[pdf 713KB](535)
563  Field Observation and Finite Element Analysis of Effect of Overlying Excavation on Piles
 郑 刚1, 2,张立明1, 2,王 琦1, 2,刘庆晨1, 2
2012年12 [1062-1070][Abstract](793)[pdf 1321KB](431)
564  Roll Configuration for Edge Drop Control of Wide Strip on 4-Hi Tandem Cold Rolling Mills
 杨光辉1,张 杰1,曹建国1,齐杰斌1,曾 伟2,贾生晖2
2012年12 [1051-1056][Abstract](632)[pdf 629KB](510)
565  A New Type Shaft/Radial Telescopic Tire Building Drum and Its Dimension Design
 杨彦东1, 2,杨玉虎1
2012年12 [1045-1050][Abstract](723)[pdf 941KB](540)
566  Neighbor Selection Scheme Against P2P Worms
 刘 昕1,2,3,贾春福2,3,胡志超2,刘国友2,王 冬2
2012年11 [1030-1038][Abstract](734)[pdf 567KB](563)
567  Effect of Longitudinal Conduction on Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient
of Cross Flow Mini-Heat Exchanger

2012年11 [1007-1012][Abstract](734)[pdf 690KB](571)
568  Synthesis and Test of Novel Temperature-Resistant and
Salt-Tolerant Fluid Loss Additive

2012年11 [1001-1006][Abstract](872)[pdf 486KB](540)
569 Experimental Research on Bending Capacity of Concrete Beams
Prestressed with Unbounded Tendons Strengthened
with Fiber Reinforced Polymer

和 超1,丁红岩1, 2, 3,范世平4,单仁亮5,张浦阳1, 3
2012年11 [969-975][Abstract](935)[pdf 894KB](621)
570  Analysis on Hydraulic Response Characteristics of Canal System and
Tuning of PI Controllers

 陈文学1,穆祥鹏2,崔 巍2,谭水位2
2012年11 [963-968][Abstract](809)[pdf 616KB](585)
571 Effects of Phosphate Concentration on Microbial Iron Reduction

易维洁1,曲 东1,朱 超2,杨 冰1

2012年10 [938-944][Abstract](519)[pdf 588KB](463)
572 Analysis on Monitoring of Top-Down Method of Section 2 of Tianjin Railway Station Underground Transfer Centre

郑 刚1,2 ,刘庆晨1,2 ,邓 旭1,2 ,张立明1,2
2012年10 [930-937][Abstract](525)[pdf 901KB](490)
573 FDPSO Fire and Explosion Spreading to Drilling Area Probability
Analysis Based on RBFNN

杨 源1,余建星1,杜尊峰1,晋文超1,冯加果2,蒋天芳3
2012年10 [917-923][Abstract](833)[pdf 770KB](600)
574 A Distributed Compress Sensing Codec Model in Multi-View Stereo Video

武晓嘉1,2,郭继昌1,姜 丹1,薛 陈1

2012年10 [895-902][Abstract](848)[pdf 1229KB](429)
575 Analysis of Vortex Noise Generated by Acoustic Communication Mounted on Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

吴秋云1,2,朱 光1,刘玉红1,张宏伟1

2012年10 [881-887][Abstract](645)[pdf 1220KB](382)
576 Intake Port Performance Evaluation and Flow Characteristic Analysis
of Gasoline Engine Under Boosted Condition

祖炳锋1,2,王 振1,徐玉梁1,刘 捷1,潘栋超1,杜建秋1,丛玉坤1,郝长利1
2012年10 [865-864][Abstract](620)[pdf 950KB](502)
577  Finite Element Analysis of Response of Building with Different Storeys Adjacent to Pit Excavation
 郑 刚1, 2,李志伟1, 2
2012年09 [829-837][Abstract](1026)[pdf 1903KB](516)
578  Friction Compensation Based on LuGre Model with Modified Viscous Friction
2012年09 [824-828][Abstract](751)[pdf 721KB](544)
579  Orientation Method for Workspace Measurement Positioning System Based on Scale Bar
2012年09 [814-819][Abstract](596)[pdf 870KB](509)
580  Effects of 1 mT Power Frequency Magnetic Field on Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels of Neurons
 李 刚1,李丹丹1,李媛媛1,2,林 凌1
2012年09 [808-813][Abstract](883)[pdf 768KB](501)
581  Dynamical Characteristic for Voltage-Feedback Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter
2012年09 [791-797][Abstract](764)[pdf 1799KB](476)
582  Optimal Substation Locating and Sizing Based on Cultural Algorithm of Particle Swarm
 杨明海1,刘 洪1,王成山1,葛少云1,曾 涛2
2012年09 [785-790][Abstract](938)[pdf 718KB](564)
583  Synthesis of Hexa-Substituted Benzenes with Trimethylsilyl Groups Mediated by Negishi Reagent,Cu or Ni Compound
 曲红梅1,张 静1,李 娟1,刘 俊1,牛心蕙1,周立山2
2012年09 [770-774][Abstract](851)[pdf 368KB](556)
584  Effects of Ethanol Pretreatment on Chemical Conversion and Enzymatic Hydrolysis in Rice Straw
元英进1,秦 磊1,李炳志1,艾瑞婷2
2012年09 [757-762][Abstract](943)[pdf 589KB](629)
585 Finite Element Model and Its Acoustic Characteristics Analysis  of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transducer
贺 国1,明廷锋1,史日安2,王 豪2
2012年08 [752-756][Abstract](540)[pdf 792KB](494)
586 In-Cylinder Gas Sampling and Detection Analysis Methods of  Methanol Fueled Controlled Auto-Ignition Engines
林漫群1, 2,易 林1, 2,秦 静1, 2,李 乐2,虞卫飞2,谢 辉2,赵 华2
2012年08 [747-751][Abstract](930)[pdf 533KB](520)
587   Relationship Between DC Current Distribution and Multilayer Soil  Parameters in AC-DC Interconnected Power System
任志超1,胡 灿2,甄 威2,吴 超1,张一坤1,吴广宁1
2012年08 [740-746][Abstract](634)[pdf 598KB](500)
588 EAMCT-G Optimization Algorithm Based on Load Balance in WSN
阎新芳1,张 汉1,李 良2,古晓辉1
2012年08 [735-739][Abstract](588)[pdf 755KB](488)
589 Measurement Pattern for 3D Electrical Impedance Tomography
2012年08 [729-734][Abstract](862)[pdf 976KB](573)
590 Time-Varying Reliability Analysis of the Whole Reinforced Simple T-Bridge
金 浩1,梁慧超2,梁 栋3,齐晓丽1
2012年08 [723-728][Abstract](720)[pdf 755KB](564)
591 Force Mode and Reasonable Scale of Breakwater Structure with  Bucket-Box Foundation
舒晓武1,别社安1,王初生2,刘 欣2
2012年08 [700-707][Abstract](987)[pdf 765KB](522)
592 Finite Element Analysis of Adjacent Building Response to  Corner Effect of Excavation
郑 刚1, 2,李志伟1, 2
2012年08 [688-699][Abstract](777)[pdf 1920KB](446)
593 Objective Assessment of Stereo Images Based on Full Human Visual Characteristics
沈丽丽1, 2,侯春萍1
2012年08 [682-687][Abstract](791)[pdf 988KB](473)
594 Calculation and Simulation of Viewing Zone Based on Parallax  Barrier Autostereoscopic Display
侯春萍1,许 国1, 2,沈丽丽1
2012年08 [677-681][Abstract](899)[pdf 1082KB](489)
595  Feasibility Analysis of Traditional Fracture Mechanics Parameters for
TBCs Interface Fracture

 荆洪阳1, 2,杨 祯1,徐连勇1, 2,刘发安3
2012年07 [651-655][Abstract](759)[pdf 669KB](589)
596  Distributed Resource Allocation Algorithm for Self-Optimized
OFDMA Interference Channels

 任 杰1,侯建军1,WONG Kai-Kit 2
2012年07 [647-650][Abstract](824)[pdf 497KB](497)
597  Effect of Orifice Plate Parameters on Wastewater Treatment
Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation in Conjunction
with Fenton Reaction

2012年07 [615-621][Abstract](770)[pdf 578KB](572)
598  Breeding Cadmium-Resistant Strains by Genome Shuffling
and Bioremediation of Cadmium Contaminated Soil

 姜春晓1, 2,王 婷1,张彦峰1,孙红文1
2012年07 [609-614][Abstract](824)[pdf 578KB](470)
599  Dynamic QCM Biosensor Detection of Human Serum
Albumin and Process Analysis

 刘宪华1,赵 勇1,张 林1,冯梦南1,赵友全2,鲁逸人1
2012年07 [604-608][Abstract](762)[pdf 520KB](490)
600  An Investigation on Heat Performance of a Novel
Transpired Solar Air Collector

 张 欢1,高 煜2,由世俊1,李宪莉3
2012年07 [591-598][Abstract](757)[pdf 1278KB](413)
601  Bearing Capacity Behaviors of Inclined Pile Under Vertical Load
郑 刚1, 2,李 帅1, 2,杜一鸣1, 2,张晓双1, 2
2012年07 [567-576][Abstract](735)[pdf 1118KB](420)
602  Phase Tuning of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull and Cogging Torque in PM Motors
 王世宇1, 2,霍咪娜1,修 杰3,宋轶民1,刘建平1,曹树谦1, 2
2012年06 [560-566][Abstract](842)[pdf 1717KB](436)
603  Numerical Simulation on the Gas-Liquid Mixing Performance of Double Helical Ribbon-Screw Impeller and Its Industrial Application
张敏革1,张吕鸿1,姜 斌1, 2,葛 春1,李鑫钢1, 2
2012年06 [546-551][Abstract](915)[pdf 1208KB](394)
604  Experiment on Enhancement of Bubble Absorption of Gaseous CO2 with Nanofluids
 唐忠利1, 2,彭林明1, 2,张树杨1, 2
2012年06 [534-539][Abstract](660)[pdf 652KB](489)
605  Performance of New High Temperature Retarder HTR-200C for Oil-Well Cement
2012年06 [529-533][Abstract](790)[pdf 470KB](458)
606  Physicochemical Characteristics of Aerobic Granular Sludge in Granular Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Landfill Leachate
 魏燕杰1, 2,季 民1,李国一2,秦菲菲3
2012年06 [522-528][Abstract](844)[pdf 875KB](615)
607  Finite Element Analysis of Wall Temperature Field and Stress Distribution of Large LNG Storage Tank at High Temperature
杨建江1,慈 芳2
2012年06 [505-510][Abstract](1000)[pdf 641KB](612)
608  Application of Ritz Vectors in Analysis of Structure-Soil Interaction System
李 岳1, 2, 3,姜忻良1, 2
2012年06 [499-504][Abstract](768)[pdf 2454KB](486)
609  Seismic Analysis and Design for Steel Frame Structure Considering Damage Accumulation Effects
徐龙河1,单 旭1,杨冬玲1,李忠献2
2012年06 [493-498][Abstract](738)[pdf 945KB](565)
610  Tensile Performance Tests of Uplift Pile and Core Concrete
 刘永超1, 2,郑 刚1,顾晓鲁1
2012年06 [487-492][Abstract](963)[pdf 679KB](530)
611  Influence of Installation Method on Post-Installation Residual Stress in Preformed Piles
 刘俊伟1,俞 峰2,张忠苗1
2012年06 [481-486][Abstract](939)[pdf 825KB](573)
612  Optimal Design for Prestress of Large-Scale Bucket Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbine
丁红岩1, 2, 3,于 瑞2,张浦阳2, 3,乐丛欢4
2012年06 [473-480][Abstract](1148)[pdf 1445KB](632)
613 Development of Loop-Mediate Isothermal Amplification Assay for Salmonella Detection in Food