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Anti-Plagiarism Policy
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Anti-plagiarism policy

To maintain integrity of the research and its presentation, the journal will use AMLC to screen all the submitted manuscripts for plagiarism. Forms of plagiarism include:

1) Submission of manuscript to more than one journal for simultaneous consideration;

2) Fabrication or manipulation of data (including images)to support conclusion;

3) Conflict in authorship;

4) Wholesale (major) plagiarism of own or others previously published article;

5) Republication of paper without substantive extension;

6)Cutting and pasting of others work without identification and acknowledgement;

7) Plagiarism of ideas;

8) Plagiarism of formulae/data/text without citation and acknowledgement.

If plagiarism is found, the journal will

1) Identify form(s) of plagiarism and make decision whether it is acceptable after revision or unacceptable;

2) Send the AMLC similarity report to the author, point out issue(s) and identify reason for rejection or suggest revisions;

3) Formally retract the published paper containing the plagiarism, and contact the authors institute.