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Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts
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Please submit your article via http://journals.tju.edu.cn/rs/. Onlinesubmission system guides you stepwise through the process of entering yourarticle details and uploading your files.

It is a condition ofpublication that manuscripts submitted to this journal have not been publishedand will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere.A specialexplanation should be given if the manuscript has been read out on academicconferences or published in another language.

This journal is oneof source?periodicals of the scientific & technical informationinstitute of China, with full-textpublished online at China Info andindexed by CAJ-CD. A special explanation should be given on submission if themanuscript isn’t permitted to be published online, otherwise it will be.

Title Titles are of greatimportance for current awareness and information retrieval and should becarefully constructed for these purposes. Avoid uncommon acronyms and wordssuch as “First” and “Novel”. English title should be given.

Author List Bylines should includeall those who have made substantial contributions to the work. Name, institutional affiliation, city, zip codeand country of all the authors should be given. At least one author must bedesignated as correspondence author with email address and telephone number.More details about first author should be given, including date of birth,gender, highest education, and professional title. English name ofinstitutional affiliation of all the authors should be given.

Abstract The abstract of about200 words must accompany each article on page one. It should be a concisesummary of the aims, methods, results, and conclusions and/or other significantitems in the paper. Avoid displayed mathematical expressions. Summarizedresults should be exact, direct, and specific. English abstract should begiven.

Keywords should include 3-8pieces of words or phrases to serve as guidelines for indexing. Englishkeywords should be given.

Text should contain an Introduction that puts the paper intoperspective for readers, and should also contain methods, results, discussionand conclusions. The SI system should be used for units of measure throughoutthe text.

Formulas Each equation or formula in the articleshould be numbered in the order with Arabic numerals placed on the right-handmargin.

Figures and Tables should be consecutively numbered with Arabicnumerals. Figures should be drawn with good quality.

Funding Details about fund project should be given, includingname and number.

References Only essential references (formally published journals,articles, monographs, dissertations, reports, proceedings, standards, patents,and/or electronic publications) cited in the text can be listed and must benumbered consecutively by Arabic numerals, which should be listed in the sameorder in square bracket as cited in the text. The reference published inChinese should be translated into English and noted by “(in Chinese)”. Moredetails about references are shown on our website homepage.