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Journalof Combustion Science and Technology (ISSN 1006-8740, CN 12-1240/TK)is an academicjournal sponsored byTianjin University. Shaoxi SHI, the academician of ChineseAcademy of Engineering, was the first chairman.This bi-monthly journal was indexed by EI, CA etc since 1996, and has won manyawards including “Excellent Technical Journal” in Tianjin and even allover the country from 1997.

Journalof Combustion Science and Technology mainly publishesnovel research articles in combustion science and technology, such as preventionand control of combustion and its pollution products, misfire, flame propagation and stability, flame structure,combustion aerodynamics, fire prevention, supersonic combustion, combustionnumerical simulation, thermochemistry and thermodynamics, combustion test techniqueetc. The readers of this journal are scientific researchers, engineers andtechnicians coming from various academic institutions. More than 80% of thepapers published in Journal of CombustionScience and Technology are supported by national or provincial foundations,including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National HighTechnology Research and Development Program of China (“863” Program), andNational Basic Research Program of China (“973” Program), etc.