aaaselect * from OA left join Issue on OA.Issue_No=Issue.Issue_No left join Iuuse_Year on Issue.Issue_Year=Iuuse_Year.Issue_Year where OA.Issue_No='2018年3期' order by Page_Num 纳米技术与精密工程 /nm/oa Anisotropic brittle-ductile transition of monocrystalline sapphire during orthogonal cutting and nanoindentation experiments /nm/oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id=2018301 2018年09月15 00:00 2018年3期 157 171 9722643  Formation of subsurface cracks in silicon wafers by grinding /nm/oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id=2018302 2018年09月15 00:00 2018年3期 172 179 5152400  Kinematic error modeling and error compensation of desktop 3D printer /nm/oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id=2018303 2018年09月15 00:00 2018年3期 180 186 1447114 Two-dimensional distributed strain sensing with an Archimedean spiral arrangement in optical frequency domain reflectometry /nm/oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id=2018304 2018年09月15 00:00 2018年3期 187 190 1290718 Au maskless patterning for vacuum packaging using the electrochemical method /nm/oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id=2018305 2018年09月15 00:00 2018年3期 191 196 3411965  Optimization experiment on eccentric lapping of cylindrical rollers☆ /nm/oa/darticle.aspx?type=view&id=2018306 2018年09月15 00:00 2018年3期 197 204 6181992